Will hotels in Vitebsk forms in Belarusian?

Requests the Director-General to draw Levinov hotel "Vitebsk" to administrative responsibility. In his view, the bureaucrat does not conform with municipal languages Republic of Belarus, restricting the right to use whiteRussian language: In response to the record, in a book by a complaint, the Director explained to the hotel, which is considered sufficient to have forms in the Russian and British languages.
Human rights activist appealed to the district prosecutor’s office, which forwarded it to the analysis of the administration of the Railroad District. Now Paul Lyavinau summoned to head the ideological department Olga Levina, where Secretary of the administrative commission recorded his explanations. After, as explanations take and the director of the hotel in the executive committee have to decide administratively.

Tags: Belarusian human rights activist, language

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