Will the Belarusian ice hockey world championship?

Visiting Belarus explained very simply — in May will be the new head of the election of world hockey. Because sovereign Fazel soon intensively travels the world seeking support for his own candidacy.
Belarus also has its own intrigued. It’s no secret that the position of the president of the federation depends almost all seats in the election of the World Championships. Belarus has already claimed three times the company championship. However, preference is given twice other countries, and once she Belarus withdrew its application.
It is understood now Rene Fasel met with the head of the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation, the Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov and chairman of the executive committee of the capital Misha Pavlov. And tomorrow may take place and a meeting with Alexander Lukashenko.
Venue for the next World Cup is already distributed and 2013 inclusive. So Belarus in the best case, it may take the championship of 2014.

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