Will the evening of days in Mogilev

Currently this building is located Mogilev Regional Museum.
Two 10-ka ceremony participants laid flowers to the memorial plaque with a symbolic emblem of Chase and the inscription: "Long live Belarus. This building in the summer of 1918 the Belarusian State Committee in Mogilev adopted decision on recognizing the power of the BNR. "
Chairman of the regional branch of the BPF Grigory Kostusev announced that soon will collecting signatures for establishing regional museum on the building of true plaque.
On the site of action was attended by about 10 ka policemen. Head of department Interior Executive Committee Colonel Alenushkinoy claimed by participants to disperse. The policeman accused them of trying to organize an unsanctioned rally.
By laying flowers protesters dispersed. During her conduct did not detain anyone.

Grigory Kostusev declares his intention collecting signatures for the establishment of plaque
Propagation time "Mogilev time," the police detained journalist Anna Ilina also public activists Dmitry Solovyov, Sergey and Alexander Laputina Zadorozhnogo.
A seventeen hours, after three hours of detention, 3 activists let a juvenile homes. Constantine Lashchynskaga, Ira Dragunov and Maxim Marozova policemen accused of hanging white-red-white flag lighting rig on the railroad.
Activists held in the October Police Station.
In a telephone conversation Lashchynski Constantine said "Freedom" that during prophylactic conversation police tried to intimidate him and his friends. "Police were that we will prepyadstviya in school and in college. Evidence that we hung the flag police never found. And after 3 hours we were allowed to enter into" said Konstantin Lashchynski. Tags:, BNR board, anniversary, 90

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