Will the tough talk in Geneva with Belarus?

It is understood that on June 5 Standards Committee and ILO standards will open a discussion Belarusian issue.
By the way, last year an official delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov and Deputy Manager of the presidential administration Natalya Pyatkevich. In This year delegation is headed by Vladimir Patupchyk labor, and in its composition — the representatives of the Ministry of Labor, the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus and representatives of employers. Head of external relations and partnership policies of the Ministry of Labour Igor Starovoytov elaborates:
"It does not sound like" Belarusian issue ". It sounds like "Application of the Republic of Belarus in the ILO Convention number 87." June 5 Belarus jointly with another 20 — 25 countries will report on measures relating to the application of Convention No. 87 in Republic of Belarus . "
Chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk believes in Geneva severe level will open a discussion situation in Belarus. Seventh year in a row is considered the Belarusian question 5 times in the country have made "special paragraph" once did a commission of inquiry. In Last year EU trade preferences deprived Belarus, but views on Alexander Yarashuk:
"The situation has changed fundamentally, and it can not change. Naturally, all steps to comply with Council of the International Labour Organization (by the way, they also 12) is nothing else like the reform of the political system towards democracy. The current regime has not yet matured to such a state he was not suicidal, even more so and stately reformer. Naturally, the situation with the rights of trade unions in the country can not fundamentally change the direction of the best. "
According to the views of the Chairman Alexander BKDP Yarashuk talking in Geneva will be hard, it does not exclude Belarus and the second time in a row in the fall so called "Special paragraph". In addition, the authorities have not adopted the Law on Trade Unions, which in accordance with the Decree of the President must be adopted in the spring of last year. International Labour Organization known fundamentally your own, says Alexander Yarashuk:
"The ILO strongly insist on the observance of their own councils and retreats. Moreover, he is even ready to go for constructive steps — application of paragraph 33 of the ILO Constitution. This means calls on countries to stop all sorts of international society deal with the government of Belarus. And in-2, very nasty prospects are directly related to trade preferences. "

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