Will the vytsvyarezniki without customers?

In addition, it is planned that vytsvyarezniki equipped with cameras that will record the behavior of clients and staff. Department of the Interior does so in order to avoid complaints from the guests vytsvyareznikav.
"With the wind" — a screaming siren?
In Belarus, about 3 x 10-s vytsvyareznikav honey. According to statistics of Ministry of Internal Affairs, in the past year have passed through their 60 thousand people. But in some towns people drunk policemen carry about home. Says Head of the organization of the special institutions of Ministry of Internal Affairs Vadim Roschin:
"At the moment it is delivered and in Vitebsk. Decided by the executive committee and all defined: who and how to deliver, in general, how this whole mechanism is carried out."
Reporter: "That is, at the moment — without vytsvyareznik-in?"
"No, starting, of course. Necessary to look at the same person, hold it honey inspection may, in fact, he needs some help. Watching him, determine the pressure. And if people in the boundary condition (drunk, but remember your name, surname and where he lives), there is reason to or may not contain, with the consent of his relatives that they do not mind that he was at home, we deliver home.
This initiative is, in some places it is already being implemented, and people respond pretty well. On the one hand, here and there, remove any additional burden on the other, and people better. One thing — to get home intoxicated when they can and head to give money to pick up or provoke himself somewhere. And in this case — under the supervision of the police, relaxed, all the way home. Have a useful effect on the job. "
But not all leaders medvytsvyareznikav approve initiative MIA for 35 thousand rubles zapivoh haul home. Head of Minsk honey vytsvyareznika Sergei Babitsyna believes that the establishment of such a charity he runs, can splurge:
"For one base value? If they" area "cited as an example, in some vytsvyareznikah really already have that. But there area is completely different, not like in Minsk. Bobruisk If you take either the same Ossipovichi — this is a very significant difference • What, now from the metropolitan area to me in medvytsvyareznik brought, and later reversed his drive again? therefrom We take one base as you reads and petrol, sorry, I’m missing is how much?
There have technical questions and ask you, please, Roshchina how he sees it, how it will be worked, and someone who will issue tickets, so he paid for the service? But until I heard from just in shock. "
Sovereign Roschin, in turn, argues that the price of services is still pending. But the staff medvytsvyareznikav in different regions should be considered by the number of 35 thousand.
"Well, we have thought out this question. Maybe there is not one reference value, maybe more. But, again, in the final version of the Executive Committee will determine the amount, as all falls on the local budget. We read, coordinate their positions."
Complete Chamber naked men. Nightmare!
Minsker Victor ranked vytsvyareznik twice — in Minsk and Warsaw. Recalls the experience with great reluctance, but believes that the chance to get home drunk person should be given:
"As for me, it would be easier. All the same, I pay the same tools and services that vytsvyareznika. And there such terrible conditions! When I got there, awakened — damn! Terribly cold, covered with sheets, rubber mattresses next a bunch of intoxicated men snore. All naked to his underpants. Nightmare! everything is better when taken to the family home than go throw. the morning and so unpleasant. And plus adchystsili pockets, I almost lost the entire advance. So, no matter how anyway, quite unpleasant. "
Reporter: "I know that you are in a similar situation in Poland?"
"Well, you know, there is a similar situation. No better than in Belarus. However, a bit more comfortable that there is a toilet in this room. Also could drink something, they call it coffee, but in fact there was some sour abomination tinted. Better, of course, did not bring themselves to such a situation, so go there. "
At the end of the 20th century in Belarus medvytsvyarezniki zlikvidavali.Tady it been explained by the fact that this can not be perfectly makarom fight with alcoholism. But in 2003 vytsvyarezniki opened again.
According to the Ministry of Health, alcohol abuse more than 200 thousand people of Belarus.
According to the head doctor of the Minsk Dispensary Drug Dependency Sergei Milk, sample affect zapivoh through vytsvyarezniki have a huge result. Even stationary healing, as the expert, almost always ends with the short-term return to real life.
"There are pure-stage procedure aimed at rehabilitation. For example, ailing discharged from the hospital, he concluded," breaking ", he feels more or less normally. But this in itself is a long illness lasts not a year or two. Seniority is usually severe, long. We know that there are "tidal wave" when all Tipo ended, but a month has passed, and again appear rudymentarnyya symptoms that resemble about yourself. Naturally, they are not this magnitude, not such destructive force, but flow similarly but lower amplitude. Because read about soon and do not have a complete cure. "
Comrades zapivohi, usmihaytsesya! You shoot!
Representatives of law enforcement agencies announced that soon will be equipped vytsvyarezniki security cameras to prevent baseless claims of customers of "torture" or suspicions that someone stole something vytsvyareznika employees. Now a citizen is entitled to apply to the management of vytsvyareznika and meet their own short videotape.
Most first camera appeared in Minsk vytsvyarezniku run by Sergei Babitsyna:
"I have since the beginning of 2005 to 16 cameras, which is written in 20-hour mode. In other words, all that we have already equipped. Town in Minsk vytsvyareznik one today. More yet, and inexpedient still open, we are one percent give advice. Initially we opened December 16, 2003 at Uman. Later here, where at the moment and are, shop around "1000 small things", there was a complete renovation vytsvyareznika that was on this site before. And in March 2004 we moved here. "
Sergei Babitsyna says that for his clients institutions prepared the next innovation — spetskresla:
"Specially equipped for persons under the influence. His developed in 2006 and installed at home. Hearth Now experience the whole country. While one chair in our experimental, but will be performed en masse. Earlier there were stools and it spetskresla for consumption measures the physical limit for large, which may cause harm to themselves or others that catch the hassle, etc. Such annotations we did not have and had to create it. In 2007 Abstract accepted PGO discerned approved, the Ministry of Health approved and almost a few months, all will be installed such vytsvyareznikah spetskresly. While it is only us. "
Payment for services vytsvyareznika varies depending on the region of Belarus and is from 15% to 80% of costs incurred institution: from 26 to 105 thousand rubles per night. Tags: alcoholism, vytsvyarezniki

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