With Belarus — 27 languages in Europe

Particularly in Bangladesh February 21, 1957, upholding its right taught in their native language, killing 5 students.
Now the Palace of Arts will host the exhibition "Native language in the world", which arranges white SocietyRussian language F. Skaryna. In the process it will be presented in Kiev issued a big "Belarusian-Ukrainian dictionary". Chairman Oleg Trusov BLS states that it will emphasize greater closeness of our languages and the greatest enthusiasm Ukrainian language and literature northern neighbor:
"This is the closest language in the world. And because our meeting will be devoted to the Belarusian-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Belarusian language relations."
"Issued in Kiev with the transfer Belarusian language Dictionary — still the only example of Prof. enthusiasm in the Belarusian language other country"- Said recognizable translator Lavon Barshcheuski. Transfers from Belarus in other statesah go through Russian dictionaries. And this is the main reason why he is obsessed with creating dvatstsatsivasmimovnaga peraladnoga with Belarusian dictionary.
"It’s a big, big problem and one of the reasons why I did dictionary 20 in eight languages. Necessary even inspire others to do it all ever. There, I have not a lot of words, the most important word, but it can be expanded, it is possible to separate razbivats languages and to continue the work. Such a thought and was the impetus for my work. "
The dictionary is designed for a Belarusian texts zabugornogo interested reader. Because it begins, of course, the Belarusian. Subsequent language in it — a tribute to the academic tradition — Latin. This is followed virtually all European languages, which are presented in alphabetical order.
"This is basic in store person who want to teach abroad Byelorussian, — explains the composer. — He will be able to find there the most important words whiteRussian language . "
Liavon Borshevsky unique dictionary was published a day or other day of the International Mother Language in personal publishing.
Now the world is more than 6 thousand languages, but two of them disappear each month. To Belarus did not get into this irreversible process radeyut enthusiasts linguists and public organizations. Government does not solve any effort to expand the language of the titular country or civilization in it or abroad. The present day — is no exception. Its celebration in the capital the government is not satisfied.

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