Without Russian wheat Belarus cost

Decree was signed by Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, it will operate until April 30. How will the ban on food security in Belarus?
Russian side in the official press release explains that "the ban on wheat exports to Belarus and Kazakhstan introduced as anti-inflationary measures." In January, the Russian Government introduced export duty of 40%, but the action of the highest duty does not apply to the Customs Union. Because in against Belarus and Kazakhstan introduced an outright ban on grain supplies. Do not be left without a loaf Belarusians?
Head of the department of trade and resources of the Department of bakeries Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus Vladislav Guchek assured:

Foodgrains actually from Russia will not come to us.

"And the food, and we are provided with cornmeal. Well, if we did not have the stick? Export sell huge amounts of flour, the same Russian. Our homeland has never been a priority for us supplier of grain. We always worked in the main with Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Foodgrains actually from Russia will not come to us. We took in Kazakhstan. "
Imported wheat strong and hard species is mixed into the Belarusian grain only to improve the baking properties, and the number of missing its own, says a representative of the Department of bakeries Vladislav Guchek.
Managing analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika generally does not see any danger of food security in Belarus:
"The grain market and food market grows. In Last year 18% — increase in prices, it is more profitable than oil trade. Russians just decided not to allow their companies to earn more than the Kremlin want, enter a veto on grain supply in Belarus. It is Russia’s national interests, and there is nothing open a discussion. And the world market works perfectly, there will be no problems. Find where to take. "
Economist Dmitry Babicki binds ban on Russian grain exports to Belarus as internal neuvvyazkami — presidential elections, to be pass. In connection with them in Russia moratorium on price increase
"To make it unprofitable to export, so that more grain remained in Russia — the more suggestions, the lower the cost. And since the middle of the country, which are Customs Union, they can not raise taxes, they simply banned. It internal matter Russian politicians, they want to keep the prices at. "
Head of the department of trade and resources of the Department of bakeries Vladislav Guchek convinced that global food market is very large, only the difference in price:

Do not buy in of — buy in Argentina

"Prices — is another matter, they have risen in the world twice. And in the sense of grain purchase volumes to find — it’s not the problem. Do not buy in of — buy in Argentina. "
Economist Dmitry Babicki convinced
"Do not worry if you do not consider price increases. No need to run to take the flour sacks. Simply, it will be more expensive."

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