Worthy of protection if the Bialowieza Forest Diploma Europe?

March 17
meeting in Strasbourg on a team of professionals to award diplomas protected territories make out the question of extending the Bialowieza Forest diploma Council of Europe. Representatives of the Belarusian public more than once sent to the Council of Europe Committee letter urged not to continue where "diploma" without painstaking checking for the presence of Bialowieza Forest Conservation. Commented on the event euro Valery Dranchuk, creator of the book "Bialowieza Forest: SOS":

"The position we, the public, which has always been watching the situation in the Bialowieza Forest, is this:" Diploma of Europe "must work to preserve bio contrast forest. While this is the function it does not work. "
Recently the old days of the International Tuberculosis in Minsk will present special program ..
Presentation of a joint project of the Ministry of Health of Belarus and UNDP "Support to State applets" Tuberculosis "in the Republic of Belarus will be held on Tuesday March 18. The scale of the project and is responsible for the ability of special project work in the information Ira Korenchuk:
Karanchuk"Our country is allocated a large grant for tuberculosis. Amount 14.2 million U.S. dollars. This grant from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria at the United Nations Development program there. Major Grant recipients — Ministry of Health, the Department of the Interior Ministry and the implementation of punishments "red cross."

March 9 and 18 o’clock on the BPF office begins in Minsk Exhibition of the creative association "The Chase". Managing community knows painter Alexei Marochkin:
"In the main, this classic work. Some of them we have beheld and posters, for example — new. Thought obvious one: freedom, independence, Belarus."
March 20 — Last day of the regular 301st Session of the Governing Council of the International Labour Organization in Geneva. Represented Belarus at the session, Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Vladimir Patupchyk.
What to expect from the work of the ILO Governing Body and the role of the minister? Reflects about the chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk:
"This is a case where the process is more important than the result. Governing Body should show the Belarusian government — and probably will be so — that never, in any case, International Labour Organization does not change its attitude to the Belarusian issue, it will not update its position towards mitigation will continue to fundamentally relate to the requirement to perform without exception tips ILO finish violations of trade union rights in Belarus. "
Most recently Belarusians refused at the border road, putting a stamp "Away In denied." After a series of publications head of the press center of the Municipal Border Committee Alexander Tishchenko promised to correct the situation after 2 weeks. On March 21, according to him, will refuse departure well.
"They will start to appear so. To the extent that stamps will introduce all Fri pass."

On Thursday and Friday, 20 and 21 March, BNF "Revival" plans to hold for everyone excursions to historical places of Minsk. Chairman of the Commission is responsible for culture BPF Franak Vyachorka:
"Sightseeing excursions BNR. This is the house where she was proclaimed BNR — Volodarskogo 9; building where there was a second meeting — far away from the Palace of Trade Unions, along Independence Avenue house: it Kupala Theatre, which hosted the first meeting of the Republican and which adopted the first charters adopted. Well, that these places before. "
On March 22 Prague under the patronage of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic will be a meeting to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the BNR. Reports have her perform Ivonka Survila, Zenon Pozniak, Paul and Jan Ruml Seviarynets — last dissident, now — managing initiatives "mufti of Belarus." Also in the midst of the speakers to be Vladimir Lyakhovsky, Ph.D. in History, Research Fellow, Department of Military History Institute of History, Academy of Sciences. It is its own report on "the Belarusian military movement in the years 1917-1921."
"Pretty maladasledavanae question — Belarusian military movement. It began immediately after the Lithuanian revolution. This initiative was supported and later — and remember Slutskoe armed uprising activities of the Belarusian Military Commission and Polessye hike Bulak Bulahovicha … All of the above must be considered in the overall context. Because I believe that this topic is — a very principled. "
March 23 Belarus held nationwide dictation. The initiator of the event, political scientist Leading considers celebration emblem of love and respect for the mother tongue. He explains the time and place of the meeting:

Sharks that we have not received a response from the State Library, libraries Pushkin and Bogdanovich. It is also intriguing — if we allow, Ivashkevich will learn in Mon But in any case prepared spare rooms — this cabinet BPF office TBM, painters plan to order the Palace of Arts … We write groups of 11 to 17 minutes, every hour at first. "
Obschebelorusskaya dictation began March 15 in the office of the Belarusian Language Society in Minsk. In Vilnius, this action will be able to join wishing to March 21 at the Euro Institute of Humanities building.

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