Yankees kept in an American?

In Belarusian law enforcement agencies to This time do not give information about the detention in Minsk South American lawyer Emanuel Zeltser, a famous professional affaires struggle with washing facilities. More information about the least that was the premise of detention. While only one source with certainty that Emanuel Zeltser was arrested in Minsk on March 12. This source — the brother of attorney Mark Zeltser, who lives in New York. Here’s what he said, "Radio Liberty":
"This is the information of the U.S. Embassy in Belarus, confirmed by the U.S. State Department. At embassy have proof Belarusian side, and the State Department is, and the FBI, but they also know little much. They only know that he was detained. What is the charge — is not clear. "
According to Mark Zeltser, along with his brother detained Secretary — Vladlena Funk, a Russian citizen, but lives and works in the United States. Nee Vladlena Funk — Bluzkova. Russian Embassy in Belarus confirmed: "Yes, Vladlen Bluzkova was detained in Minsk on March 12 and three a day or placed in a KGB prison -" an American. "According to Russian diplomats, the case is investigated by the investigation to the right of the KGB.
What is clear about Emanuel Zeltser? In 1970 he came to the U.S. from the Soviet Union. In New York, Emanuel Zeltser — recognizable lawyer, he headed the US-Russian Law Institute. Reported that some time Seltzer did reverse sovereign legal services to Pavel Borodin, the former head of affairs Russian President, which detained in the U.S. on suspicion of corruption. Sources on the Web do not exclude that Emanuel Zeltser and detention in Minsk has something to do with the services, which he had done to customers from Russia.
Mark Zeltser says that his brother ever was in Belarus. Mark Zeltser worried about the health of his brother, which refers to "very unhealthy" person.
"He has gout, he diabetes. He really needs certain medications every day . "
Mark Zeltser unclear whether his brother necessary medicines in the bullpen. He’s ready to take any medication to pass, but does not know how do. "The embassy had warned me that the drugs can generally through the Belarusian border not to miss." Mark Zeltser addressed the Delegation of Belarus in Washington to urgently issue him a visa to come to Belarus and to visit his brother, but has not yet received a response. Versions arrest of his brother Mark Zeltser has not commented. He says that he did not understand that Emanuel Zeltser was a lawyer at Pavel Borodin.

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