You’re like thugs on the street go!

March 23 Belarusian TV showed the plot, in which is stated as if the U.S. Embassy under the guise of fighting terrorism, organized a spy network in Belarus.
Earlier Belarus recalled its own ambassador Misha Khvostova U.S. for consultations. U.S. salting Karen Stewart returned to Washington. Official Minsk claimed diplomatic, reduce the number of employees of the U.S. Consulate. South American Embassy temporarily stopped issuing visas.
Valery: "Relations between Belarus and the Government of the United States resemble story fable in which pug barked loudly at the elephant. Why pug it mattersis? Everyone knows that the brains in the Pug is significantly smaller than an elephant. "
March 25 in Minsk to be held on the occasion of street action 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic.
March 20 city council forbade the action in the center of town, and has permitted route from the Academy to Bangalore Square. The applicants disagreed with the decision and took responsibility for its consequences.
Spades: "Tell me, please, if your usual procession was? Do you like the procession, so glibly, then chop the asphalt, the car damage, the people were beaten with sticks. If you had normal? If you have been relaxed, the procession would not be prohibited. But you’re like thugs on the street go! "
Joint favorite Sluhachtsy responsible civilian party Anatoly Lebedko, who acted as one of the applicants meeting and rallies on March 25:
"I will not say that every follower of change, with everyone who will be released tomorrow on the street, you can paint portraits of Jesus Christ. But coupled with the fact these people have a constitutional right to freedom of rallies. The problem is not how behave humans, and in that these people forbid realize their constitutional rights.
I would be more careful in your place. Well, does not pull on the person who was picking asphalt, Gennady Buraukin, Dr. Stanislav Bogdanovich and others who are facing the street. If you say so, you are insulting people who are proud of Belarus. I invite you to come tomorrow and be near me. Look here our eyes, which nobody does the same, what you reads. Problem behavior and power that we have bans. If there is a ban, it provokes constructive actions on the part of some of the people who go out on the street. "
Our listener interested in:
Emperor Yuri, Minsk"The question Vladimir Orlov. Tell me why our first patriots of the 20th century took Yekaterininsky title for the country — Belarus, and not native — Lithuania?"
Responsible writer Vladimir Orlov:
"I am also more impressed with the title of Lithuania. But title Belarus was BNR adopted parents and the majority of public figures revival. I must say that it corresponded to reality. Just then the title of Belarus in relation to the edge and the title "Belarusians" against our Protz overpowered. Specifically addressed to the Belarusians in their own well-known entry Frantisek Bogushevich. Specifically, he called Belarus our country and defining its boundaries. "
Now we got a call:
Part of: "Near the cafe" Idyll "on the street in the town of Mogilev Pervomajskaya I saw a banner that just shocked me. On it was written:" April 2, 1996 — 2008. I live in the Union State. "Explain what actually is it? What is a Federal Government? Where and when she came?"
Responsible analyst Ales Lahvinets:
"So called Federal Government — is the result of a contract between Yeltsin and Lukashenko, which was signed on 2 April 1996. This education was very basic objectives, but in 12 years it has proved itself one hundred percent formless. Zadachka creation of this country was first political goals . Belarusian authorities very successfully tried to play on the emotions of the imperial Russian in order to receive certain economic benefits. Now so called Federal Government exists, but it exists only formally. Actually, this is a forum to discuss bilateral relations. Goals that were the design Union countries are not met. Their performance is very very hurt to the public interest. Fulfilling all these objectives would destroy the Belarusian country. "

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