Young came out of the front of the United Democratic Forces

This solution comments vice-chairman "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka:
"Young people are very disappointed in the dropouts. We had great hopes for him in 2006, when the "Young Front" had there very strong position, could play an important role in solving major issues. But this time the UDF disappointed youth lack favorite. "Young Front" supported and will support Milinkevich. SLM showed its essence that the only favorite which is currently positioning itself as — a Communist and "Young Front"Can not support it in any way. Indeed, in the first place puts their spiritual and Christian values. And we litsezreem future, democratic, European country Belarus without communism. "
Sejm "Young Front", which was held March 16, initiated the establishment of the center-right bloc of democratic institutions, the purpose of which is the union of right-wing and centrist forces on Christian principles, standards of independence, democracy and European integration of Belarus.
Also Diet War decided subsequent attempts of the need to register in Belarus Young Front. Announced the development of the organizing committee for registration Junior Front. In the Ministry of Justice and the Minsk city hall to apply for a room for the founding congress.
Chairman of the "Young Front" elected Dashkevich, his deputies — Artur Finkevich, Ivan Shyla and Anastasia Palazhanka.

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