Youth march under the slogan Belarus to Europe

Members of the official state youth organization Youth Union meanwhile congratulated days of Valentine’s cards municipal officials, athletes and artists. Noteworthy that not so long ago the authorities did not recognize this prazdnichka and drove him to reklyamavannya means benign sex.
Near the procession participants was our reporter. Next its report, recorded at 18.10 Minsk time.
Love LunevaI’m on Independence Avenue, moving column of demonstrators in the street Yanka Kupala. As planned, the youth gathered and 5 hours at Freedom Square. The activists unfurled banners "Young Front"Hold white-red-white balls, so many flags.
The procession began Dashkevich, who addressed the audience and said that this event takes place not only under the slogan "Belarus to Europe", and "Belarus — in the context of a general European Christian civilization."
At first protesters went to the French Embassy, whereupon youth column moved on Lenin Street. How chanted slogan "Belarus — to God," once the snow has gone, and youth activists saw it as a good sign, as in Belarus entire winter season was virtually no snow.
Young people moving column, chanting slogans, car drivers sometimes signal a symbol of solidarity. Policemen behave not aggressive enough, several unmarked vans characters move in the rear of the column and does not interfere with the procession. Only at one point, when the youth went to the roadway with a view to cross the road, traffic police warned via sound amplifiers, that the protesters do not violate traffic rules.
Youth is scheduled to visit the Polish Embassy, and later make a march down the street and visit Kiseleva South American embassy.
Joined the action Alexander Milinkevich came defenders among them — Lyudmila Hraznova, but the bulk of the participants — youth.
Also on this day planned "Shaw belarushchyny" marathon starts quizzes, hanging white-red-white flags and EU flags. Tags: young, day, march sv.valyantsina, Europe, in, front, Belarus

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