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Hanna Sous:
"Zenon S., first I wish to ask how you will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic of China?"

Zenon Pozniak
"I am invited to a conference in Prague and will be there March 22 and 23. And later will be in Warsaw, where I will celebrate together with friends."
Sous: "Which of the values remain the BNR and now burning for Belarusian patriots?"

August 25, as on March 25 — the date of this majestic our history

Pozniak"Burning that BNR figures in very severe criteria occupation in languid criteria of so-called Peace of Brest, which concluded by strangers, and how Belarus torn apart in such criteria Belarusian Renaissance figures raised the flag of independence. They lit a star that glows hitherto. Practically they revived majestically Duchy of Lithuania in the borders apart Zhmud in which it was the golden age of their own history.
And this revival has happened with the new title, the title of Belarus. This all these ideas and perspectives were incorporated and registered to BNR. I mean the social system — republican, democracy, and national government, and national boundaries, and ethnic composition, and culture, and the future. These ideas were all laid, and we say them as on reference BPR. And these standards all lived Belarusian revival. And they managed to put on the agenda again and regain independence a day or time of the Belarusian State Revolution in 1991. August 25, as well as March 25 — the date of this majestic our history. "
Sous: "How, in your opinion, how serious a threat at the moment of independence in comparison with 1918, when it was proclaimed BNR or 1991 when the Republic of Belarus was declared?"

"At the moment, the threat is very severe. Since we are dealing with the same imperial ideology, with the same imperial psychology as 200 years ago. But we are dealing with a different system of government. 200 years ago it was the tsarist government, it was a royal absolutism. 100 years ago it was the Bolsheviks, it was Bolshevism, communism, as virtually communism — it was a form of Russian imperialism. And at the moment we are dealing with gebizm. This is the case when all the power, absolute power rf adopted KGB.

Maintain our independence and our national culture, which today is an important factor of sovereignty

This system is very, very safe for culture, for independence. That is why our task ideological Belarusian Revival — is first to understand the danger theoretically and politically. And the second task — to organize resistance against it, and the third task — to preserve our independence and our national culture, which today, in the morning is an important factor of sovereignty. So there was 100 years ago. And at the moment this is so. "

"If at the end of the 1980s, the beginning of the 1990s, you’re outputting to the streets 10s, hundreds of thousands of people, do you think that people followed you for or against the idea of national communism? And now, when people take to the streets in the least, however, the amount you think they go against Lukashenko or same again for the national idea? "
Pozniak: "20 years ago people came out against communism and for the national idea, and for justice. Most vazhanae that Belarusians out for justice — and national and social. This is a very important point. Currently people live in an inverted world, a world of disinformation, and it is very unsafe time when people do not know the circumstances of their disgusting state. When the Communist government of the people already knew that the cause of communism, Russian Union of reason, and the avant-garde society fought and led the all masses. Today, society is not yet matured, so as Midsummer wrote realize where bakes where the studio. And in this task Belarusian revivalist elite to frolic and assist our society, and our elites realize this difficult situation.

People need to realize that you must save your

Two things are very important for every Belarusian and for our civilization. Understand where is our misfortune, what is its cause, who is the enemy, and that it must be opposed. What is ours? People must realize that it is necessary to save his own. The family people know that they need to save their own kids, you need to save your uterus, father, their property, their own house, their documents. Everyone understands it in the family. Also at the state level should be aware that there is ours, that is our government. This is our big house, our only big family.
This is a very common argument, and in these cases do not need to split hairs. It’s very simple — to live or not to live, not to be either have to be free or not free, to be provided or to be poor. And we need to make this choice and to realize that it is necessary in order not to lose her. "

Sous: "Zenon S., last week took another act of vandalism in Kurapaty, and thanks to the efforts of activists Kansevatyvna Christian Party BPF defiled all 36 crosses were restored. S. Zeno, do you think, why this place remains a subject of vandalism and it is clear that no ordinary hooligans ? "
Pozniak: "Since Kurapaty testify genocide of Russian communism. This evidence, which is confirmed by corpses. They found the dead people they killed. Prior to the discovery of the truth about Kurapaty they felt freer, since it was an abstract question, but they knew they could not reach to court, because the court will require the facts. Kurapaty So now indicate that they can and should entice the court.
There are corpses that they scored, we found them, they understand it, and because they all these years, will soon have 20 years, struggling to kill the crime place to hide the bodies, and it is unrealistic to hide.
This demonstration of impotence dark forces. I would have referred to, as these are already sacrilege of impotence. People should be aware of: the time will come and everyone will answer for this. Justice asks punishment. Certainly. Because the punishment will be, even if it is not human, it is divine. "

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