Z.Paznyaka: Mode already have long to live

In the appeal, the Pozniak said:
"The domination of Russian communism and colonial policy in Belarus some people seemed endless. But the time has come and the Bolshevik" Reich "crumbled like a pyramid of clay pots. Belarusians-revivalists, united in Belarusian Popular Front, and current deputies in parliament BPF again raised over prazdnichkom Belarusian Fatherland White-red-white flag freedom and independence. Independence Belarus was returned August 25, 1991 after year the failure of the communist coup in Moscow and ultimately decisive struggle deputy Apazytsyi BPF Supreme Council by granting the status of constitutional law of the Declaration of Sovereignty of Belarus (also cooked and conquered the deputies of the Popular Front).
Before our state was thenand prospects for democracy and development. August 25, 1991, as well as the March 25, 1918 there is a huge choice of our national history. "
But, says the appeal Z.Paznyaka forces were unequal. "Civilization has not yet recovered, not skansalidavalasya spiritually, not a hundred percent recovered from the Russian destruction, occupation and returned to form as a pro-Moscow regime restoration Russian authorities in Belarus."
Z.Paznyaka the proclamation expresses the hope that "the regime has remained there for long. Comes a time — and fall in conjunction with the authorities in Russia gebovskoy anti-Belarusian regime Republic of Belarus. BNR standards for which we are fighting — return; revive real is independent and democratic Belarus based on our historical majestically Grand Duchy of Lithuania. And no one will turn vstych history. "

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