Z.Shybeka: mentality Ivonka Survila — ideal for Belarusians

Recall that the "Road" Ivonka Survila — this fourteenth book publishing series our radio "Library of Liberty XXI century." Her presentation will be held in Minsk on March 17 at 18 hours in the office of the BPF on Masherova 8 (former Varvashenya).
"I took this book as such exclamations spring. This book is written with the belief that the Belarusian spring awakening faith in her.
The second thing that has struck me as a scientist — is the extreme cleanliness of the Belarusian mentality that shows Ivonka Survila in his book. This mentality can serve as an ideal typical natural, of net, catchy, bright Belarusian mentality. And I believe that only with such mentality or the direction of thoughts, as in Ivonka Survila can become a real favorite of the Belarusian state. And this is the basic condition for applicants for this highest rank. So we had a management mentality, then we would not have any problems with the upcoming public and economic progress. "

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