Z.Zhaleznichenka: In the army forbid Read our Niva and ARCHE

Dmitry himself the court’s refusal to restore the institute commented with humor:
"I now promised to give corporal through pavgodika (smiles). And in this institute — what I’ll do? 5 years — and all the student. And in the army in a year can even assign a junior sergeant. Before you can later promoted sergeant. See, is obvious progress. Not that the Institute: get a diploma — and where to go with him? And in the army throughout the Department of Defense provides — and the food and the clothes. And even gives money. "
Dmitry knows that the difficulties in the army seeks to overcome "as they come." Not so long ago claimed to write an explanation for the refusal to take the oath, also threatened to liability for failure to read military documents Russian language:
"They asked me to write an explanatory why I refuse to take the oath of allegiance. I wrote that I was illegally drafted. ‘Cause I’m not going to take the oath and have that right in accordance with the law. I asked:" What explanation? ". I was told that I was not in the statutes have the right to unsworn serve more than six months. But the statute says that personnel take an oath and a half months. As I understand it, this procedure is done in order to allow the soldier to take the oath. If certainly require an oath, then the oath has no meaning. Oath — it should go from the heart and not from coercion. Threatening consequences of the fact that I renounce documents Russian language to read. "
Free time, according to Dmitry, the army is not much. Military exercises, cleaning and area — all this on his shoulders fighter.
In his spare time Zhaleznichenka tries to read special literature on private education institute, also the newspaper "Nasha Niva" and the magazine "ARCHE". From time to time brings in the army mom. But military commanders forbid reading and "ARCHE", and "Our Niva":
"Constantly forbid read" Our Niva "And" ARCHE ". I tried to prove that the official newspaper and magazine official. They account — and no one allowed prohibit them to read. I say: "If you have any difficulty if a hate article, write to the Ministry of disk imaging, and let them spend the literary expertise and close the publication. Then they will not come to me. On it’s just violence, not Ignoring on the laws, respond: "own power forbid this newspaper to read!". Directly was, said one: if again I see — destroy "- told transport soldier military unit in Zhlobin Dmitry Zhaleznichenka.

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