Zabugornye playwrights presented in Minsk Evrepiku

March 24 in one of the private houses of the Minsk six playwrights read their pieces. As a result, there should be a joint one piece and cooperative play.
"Every country has its own challenges, but these challenges are common to all, including Belarus will face prepyadstviya which are not until the dictatorship in the country", — explains Managing Free Theatre Nikolay Khalezin. Details — in an interview with Radio Liberty.
Khalezin"The only theater will be done in conjunction with the Swedish city of Lund, which claims the title of European Capital of Culture 2014. The premiere will be held in October in Lund."
Correspondent"Which countries participate in the project?"
Khalezin"Belarus, Sweden, Latvia, Our homeland, the USA, Ukraine, Spain, England, Macedonia, Turkey, Romania … Now, March 24, here in Minsk South American, English, Swedish, Romanian, Turkish and Belarusian playwrights. Tomorrow March 25, pulls project participant from Spain. After all razyazhzhayutstsa days of Will. "
Correspondent"What in the designated countries, the main problem, the main challenges?"
Khalezin"Belarus — the conflict between aesthetic with 2 cultural entities that gives way to dictatorship. Romania — complex problems associated with entry into a united Europe plus conformism. If we talk about Britain, it is an island mentality, which closes contacts with the world . Sweden — conflict with immigrants … "
Correspondent"There is such a stereotype that Belarusians live in the isolated country, and many prepyadstviya Europe we do not head to neither emigration nor joining the European Union …"
Khalezin"It’s completely our difficulties. But to face with them, we need to solve the problem that faces the first — freedom. If we solve this dilemma, once confronted with the neuvvyazkami faced a united Europe.’s Why we’re doing this project Belarus. Belarusians themselves out to be more and what we can expect. And what put these barriers bolshennyh problems. " Tags: free, theater, evrepika

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