Zhodino: Will organizers of days — in the slammer

Police detained them the other day on the street action, marking the 90th anniversary of Belarusian People Republic. On Sunday, more than 50 people were in a convoy from the city park to the stele "Heroes live forever." On the course of the action and its member states arrest — public activist from Minsk Siuchyk:
"It was very not a bad action. Main number of participants — youth. This gives good hope for the future. Were white-red-white flags. Were also EU flags. Enough and white-red-white balls and flowers. In all reigned a solemn mood. The arrests began after the rally. I was struck by a replica of the 1st local. He said: "Here the police more than the opposition …"
Siuchyk believes that organize the celebration of days Will Zhodino assist union offices political parties and movements in one coalition:
"As I know, the last street action in such format Zhodino happened in 2001. And very well that This time opposition merged. They all — true patriots of Belarus and very good, that they operate. "
On the days of the organizers will in the public knows Zhodino activist Alexander Volchanin

The policeman tries to stop the marchers in Zhodino, March 23. Photo by Sergey Gudilina. Tags:, BNR Siuchyk, Zhodino

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