Zhodintsy Palace of Arts

In her exhibition — works by Valery Slavuka, Ksendzova Alexander, Alexei Marochkina and about 2-10’s artists, whose creative life associated with Zhodino.
The exhibition breaks the stereotype as Zhodino home Belarusian automakers and reinforces the status of the country of the 1st of the cultural centers of the country.
Admission to the exhibition, watching two knights, who held banners with the emblem of the old town and a portrait of its founder Prince Boguslaw Radziwill, after whom it was named. During the second half of the twentieth century in its place appeared Zhodino.
"One of the objectives of the organizers and participants of the exhibition — to show the antiquity of the place," — said the managing association of painters "The Chase" Alex Marochkin:
"We brought this path Boguslaw Radziwill. As always Russian propaganda read on, Zhodino that there fifty or sixty years from a day or base BelAZ. Boguslaw Radziwill some places three hundred sixty years ago with a ponytail was then called the land and the land Bohuslav field. Practically, he founded the town. Then this place has grown a modern city. Our task — that we have not forgotten who we are, where we went. "
Alexei Marochkin arranged exhibitions in Zhodino else first 70s of the last century, when I worked there and made a studio teacher of fine arts. But then show anywhere abroad did not leave town. Segodnyaschy already exhibited the same, except Zhodino in Polotsk and Novopolotsk, and then go to Minsk Logoysk Gorki Zaslauye. Fact mobile regional exhibition in the new history of the Belarusian art unexampled than very proud Zhodinskaya painters.
One of the exhibitors, the last pupil of Nikolai Alexei Marochkina Andrukovich dreams that this traveling exhibition will launch the same, which will be located in the now created in Zhodino art gallery:
"With such executive committee chairman of the question open a discussion. On his side was assured that the gallery will be organized, posodeystvuyut power, and, of course, with pleasure will give artists the gallery of his works."
"Zhodintsy" — is not only painters, and writers. Recognizable voice of the writer and publisher, a native Belarusian Vladimir Sivchikov:
"This is indeed a very unique non-standard action, such literary project as Zhodinskaya writers and painters gathered together celebrations performed in Zhodzina reading library, elsewhere."
The results of these activities will be released self-titled album, which, according to the sovereign Sivchikovym, further develop into a periodical, of course, entitled "Zhodintsy." Tags: Marochkin, exhibition zhodintsy, Slavuk, Andrukovich, priests

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