Zmitser Dashkevich awarded

Order of Freedom name Kalinouski made of bronze architect Ales Shaternik. On the Order — Preview Kastus Kalinowski, on the reverse: "Live in freedom!".
Zmitser Dashkevich, one of the favorites of the unregistered organization "Young Front"First awarded the medal.
Pioneers and founders of Merit — youth organizations, activists Alliance Manifesto "Time to Win", in which the set of "Belarusian Youth Movement", "Mutiny", "initiative", "air", "gaze", "third path".
As said Radio Liberty favorite "Belarusian Youth Movement of America" Ales Vinokourov after a ceremony in Tallinn, Zmitser Dashkevich awarded for courage and consistency in the struggle for freedom.
Eid symbolic ceremony, which took place at the Occupation Museum in Tallinn on March 4, gathered youth activists — members of Congress of the young Belarusian diaspora of the European Union and the United States, youth activists from Belarus, representatives of Estonia and the chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Zenon Pozniak.
With Dashkevich, who was unable to come to Tallinn, participants in the ceremony were connected telephone.
In the latest four-day Congress Diaspora, dubbed as its organizers, assumed the role of about 20 youth activists USA, France and Germany. Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, and Belarus.
Participants agreed on joint activities in order to represent the Belarusian culture and Belarusian national interests abroad, as one of the main initiators and organizers of the Congress, coordinator of the "Third Way" Pavel Morozov. Soon there will be the site of the Congress.
Among the organizers, not counting the Belarusian youth organizations — Estonian organization "New Way Belarus"Estonian Institute foreign policy, group "For Free Belarus" the Estonian Parliament.
The Congress also met with Vice-Speaker of the Estonian Parliament Kristiina Ojuland and foreign minister Affairs Urmas Paet.

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