12-year system be abolished?

Transition to 12-year-old program from school began 10 years ago. But at the stage when you need to cross en masse on the formation of specialized classes, the question need 12 yrs. The main opponent of additional year of schooling has become the head of the country:
"We need to make a decision at all, even if we made a mistake and that mistake will cost very expensive now. This is not an argument — say, how are we going to deviate from what navaratsili? Already spent billion rubles, so let’s go further in this direction . So they say irresponsible, stupid and silly people who do not think that we, if we read roughly dealing with a material such as kids. But now kids. Tomorrow — Future our country . "
Lukashenko also believes that with the programs "namudrili" to such an extent that not only the kids, and the ancestors can not cope with puzzles for class 5-6. Even the president can not deal with the puzzles that set his granddaughter. Head of the country are opposed to "envelop the intangible", as such an approach, by him, keep people in school and can be 20 years. "But we do not need people with disabilities," — stated Lukashenko.
My ex classroom management Cancer Larissa decades arithmetic taught in schools Smorgonschine. States that generally wrong to associate more applets and modern Russian school:
"Here, for example, we had lyagarytmichnaya line. And at the moment there at the moment computers. So even I can say about these computers, even if we do not beheld? Now, maybe more and more as puzzles with popliteal put that in the current time passed as "amusing puzzles."
Reporter: "And Lukashenka can not impartially assist granddaughter?"
"Granddaughter walks, probably in high school. And now in the public schools of arithmetic for 7-8 hours. As she walks in that mysterious school, then there can not solve anything. But they but learn more, give more time to studies. We walking, no features we did not share a mathematical or other class. And at the moment when the student walks in math class, he has a week of arithmetic, maybe 8:00. And who walks in the language, so there is no arithmetic, humanitarian more items. "
Under Lukashenko words about the uselessness of the 12-year study willing to subscribe or not the majority of parents. People are outraged that the "subject" in the experiments of the Ministry of Education are kids. That’s normal worldview father, in whose school stroll three kids:
"You should not have this and start. And we neither year, the news. Sheepish sharahanni kids already got. From the very beginning

And we have that no year, the news. Sharahanni silly kids already got

against 12-yrs, no need to enter it was not. Tipo demonstrate intense activity. If the Ministry of Industry still forgive that they portray the activities, the Ministry of Education makes it price children. It affects children and bureaucrats totally do not care, they just earn points for themselves. And then begins — comes the president and says: "As you look bad for the children, I am about them at the moment’ll take care." Who needs his care? It is necessary that from the outset the matter would normally do, well, everything. "
President of the Society of Belarusian schools Ales Lozko life working in the education system and is convinced that if at the moment start to return back, then followed suit brand new start revision of educational programs, benefits, the whole learning process:
"I would not do at the moment this reform would reverse not vorachivalsya. Again just as much money rewriting. Suppose too it will wizard that will come once. It should be mentioned that the 12-notch was made by the people, who were sitting at the meeting. Were introduced, by the way not only 12 years, and a 10-point system testing. Yesterday sounded thoughts and discard those 10 points, and tests, and much more. In general, the latter Time was is chock full of different reforms perakroyvannyami superfluous, different tests — then something is canceled, then added, rewritten programs from almost every year, rewritten benefits. Develops a memory, it’s just neprafesiynasts if so all twitches in different directions. "
Meanwhile, as the sovereign Lozko, only 20% of Belarusian students receive education in their native language. But the shameful fact that the meeting was not recorded in general.
Supporters of the 12-notch believe that specialized education will allow to increase the level of education and will promote more upmarket Prof. self-determination. The Ministry of Education refer to the experience of 170 countries, where it has been practiced for a long time. There are fifty states in which kids learn 13 years.

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