15% of Belarusian families — byaplodnyya

In Belarus, the total number of families with 37% (in other words, one million 377 thousand families) — do not have kids. Naturally, some young families have not yet to have kids, some do not seek — or live a busy career, so to speak himself. But the proportion of specifically infertile couples — 15%, and this figure is an underestimate, as many couples are treated anonymously. By the way, barren recognized marriage where pregnancy does not occur after 1 year of continuous sexual life (if spouses beware).
The basic precondition for male infertility are acquired prostatitis, female — interruption of the first pregnancy, and infections.
"ECO — not a panacea, but it helps in the 30 — 40% of cases"
Almost 10 years has two commercial centers in Minsk — "ECO" and "Embryo", and one in Gomel. They use modern methods of extracorporeal apladnennya (so called ECO mode).
Responsibility of the Chief Doctor of the Center for Assisted Reproduction "Embryo"
Oleg Tyshkevich:
"IVF — not a panacea, it helps in 30 — 40% of cases. But the only way that has the effectiveness of other less effective. Regarding our center, we have developed in conjunction with the Chicago Reproductive Genetics Institute, we took out the technology, we are did not invent large we use those developments that are in Europe and America. "
In the past year, the Scientific and Practical Center "Mother and Child" was revealed first secede reproductive technologies.
In 2007 the Centre "Mother and Child" was held on 27 IVF cycles, 10 pregnant ladies. Lately, they have to give birth. This average, says Dr. Andrew Vitushko this center:
"In most European centers stranded 50 — 60% is considered to be just cool."
In the EU ECO 3 samples government pays
Chief Doctor of the center "Embryo" explains Oleg Tyshkevich:
"ECO — the only way to achieve of success in hopeless cases. And it is commonplace in Europe and America. Other words there is no cure for years byasplodnasts if two years of ordinary means, including surgical situation myanyaetststsa not do IVF. Another thing that the EU will cover three samples IVF state insurance. Belarus itself is not. Our immediate neighbors, Lithuania and Poland also have significant discounts for patients. matter in what clinic they handle, municipal or private, discounts are targeted at patient . "
Dr. Oleg Tyshkevich knows about the prices in the center of "Embryo":
"Price pradtsedury IVF have 2 million 760 thousand rubles, it is without the price of pharmaceuticals. Medication — this is from 2 to 4 million rubles. Medicines imported from other countries, we only work with European suppliers, system impartazamyashchalnastsi in our center no. No need to save on health, especially when it comes to embryos. "
In the municipal center "Mother and Child" these services are a bit cheaper. Director in charge of the Republican Scientific-Practical Centre "Mother and Child" Dr. Constantine Vilchuk:
"Everything depends on the technology and on drugs. How and who needs what. We work itself, the most expensive work worth 1 million 300 thousand. Other medications ladies who receive reproductive technology, prescription drugs obtained from pharmacies. Dr. expects scheme and preparations. And then — the development itself, 1 million 300 thousand. "
Risk is always there
Physician Andrew neanatolyag Vitushko not just watching the children, who were born through IVF method, assisted the children and their mothers:
"Not enough, that successfully passed the operation, it is necessary that all matured, evolved. Often it is interrupted at an early stage of pregnancy and after it, too, may not go very well when there are premature babies, in which there are many problems with health. There are also such tragic cases where the family was very willing, not once tried, has invested a lot of money and effort, then ended early childbirth, and the child develops intellectually after bad. "
Chief Doctor of the center "Embryo" Oleg Tyshkevich tlumachts:
"Naturally, it’s a complicated procedure, a surgical intervention. There is danger and hormonal stimulation, and surgery and anesthesia, as these patients are aware of the dangers."
In Belarus and reputation is not bad and the prices applicable
And yet, in the Center "Embryo" is made for more than one and a half thousand IVF. More than 700 babies were born. In Belarus move anywhere, says the chief of the Center Dr. Oleg Tyshkevich:
"The United States, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Israel, our homeland, Sweden, France, Libya
Reporter: "And it’s cheaper or because reputation is not bad?"
"And then this. Since Europe 3 samples are paid, and later — at their own expense. Besides, after 40 ladies do not take on IVF, but at their own expense. And for its own account in Europe — is 10 — 15 thousand the euro. "
Inability to have kids is not only a personal problem and even a disaster for many families. This has an impact on the demographic situation in the country — only in the last year the population in Belarus decreased almost 25 thousand.

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