1500 rubles for French chicken or 8000 for Belarus?

Requests for price increase requested the Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services. Their main argument — within a year energy will go up. An employee of the Ministry of Economy assured that all applications will undergo review in the prescribed manner:

The government wants to switch to the problem of Directorate

"There is a decision of the Ministry of Economy Republic of Belarus April 22, 1999 № 43 "On approval of provisions on the formation of prices and tariffs."
According to economist views Alexander Chubrik, partly ministries requests will be satisfied, but within certain limits:

When they begin to grow significantly price, fast enough to detain the money rate is fixed

"Some will try to reach the inflation, the same as it was in the past year — 12% at the end of the year. More frisky price increase not only undesirable and unacceptable to the public, but on the basis of the content of belief stability in the money market. When people start to grow significantly price, fast enough to detain the money rate is fixed. This is the main problem, because hard to expect that inflation will significantly exceed last year’s level. "
Economist Leonid Zaika expressed such a world:
"As for the position of the Belarusian government, he basically ready to go out, so keep prices so as not to cause social protest. But relying on lowering corporate profits. Director Let’s hold the record, in other words, the government wants to pass on the problem of the Directorate."
Minister of Economics Nikolai Zaichenko in an interview with the newspaper "Respublika" said that "if we accept all the proposals of ministries and departments, the inflation rate will be at 8%, and 16 — 20%, because the Ministry of Economy Approach will be very balanced and tough. "and promised that the government will not agree to an increase in prices and tariffs significantly.
At the same time, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food asks to raise the purchase prices for crop production, at least 50% (but better twice) with the argument that they are now one and a half — twice lower than Russian.

We would have a leg zavazits tyschami tons from France by 62 cents per kilogram

Economist Leonid Zaika says that in place of the head of government has permitted to increase prices, but would immediately canceled all restrictions on the import of goods:
"We would tyschami tons were imported from France by a leg 62 cents per kilogram. Imagine for one and a half thousand rubles per chicken, huh? And all our agrarian whereupon would go to the street unemployed. The problem is simple: if there is no competition in the domestic market when there is no external importers, and then go to the government in a campaign for an increase in prices. "
Mike Zaleski all the assurances of the Ministry of Economy to curb inflation and balanced and rigorous approach to higher prices responded as follows:
"Our economy — municipal economy, it is almost all Russian. And now inefficient system (not individual companies, and the system) does not have enough money. And they demand that the distributor:" Give me money! "And he says," I’ll be strict, but fair. "It all looks so Soviet-style, that already tear rolls …"
 Record inflation has put the economy Zymbabve: Central Statistical Office of the country said that in the past month inflation has exceeded 100 thousand percent for the month. On Saturday, Zimbabwe held a presidential election, the results of which are unknown yet, but that may end the almost 30-year authoritarian rule of President Robert Mugabe. Due to their economic policies pursued by Zimbabwe — the former British colony of Southern Rhodesia, which was listed as one of the richest African countries — has been in the deepest economic decline. Not counting indescribable highest inflation rate in Zimbabwe has exceeded 80%.

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