70 people were fined and arrests

Will a day police cordoned off the area Kolas, organizers planned muster. That group which was about the structure of the editors of "Evening Minsk" and consisted in the main of youth activists unregistered organizations, went to break the police cordon. As a result, the soldiers of internal troops surrounded the mass.

Thrashed back. It was just in shakalski

According to Interior Minister Vladimir Naumova, March 25 has been detained 88 people. During his detention, several protesters were injured.
Detainees were tried in courts Partyzanski, Capital, Russian and industrial areas. As a result of litigation arrested 28 people for a period of 3 to 15 days. 42 people were fined from 175 thousand to 1 million 50 thousand rubles.
The case photojournalist "Nasha Niva" Andrei Liankevich postponed to the next day. It said the arbitrator was doing an editorial assignment. The arbitrator decided tomorrow to clarify what is the status of the newspaper. Officer Andrew Semen Pechenko less lucky — he was arrested for 15 days.
That of Dmitri Yasevich postponed to tomorrow because police had no passport guy. Tomorrow it will be brought to the tribunal of the Industrial District. Mom Dmitry fined 50 thousand rubles million in partisan court. Natalia Yasevich told that she had for myself when funds for construction. The police officers called BT crew, spread before them on the table, and these funds were that lady carrying bucks for "Young Front".
In the courts, the people were that militia leaders had on hand a list of active opposition. Observers have noted that more specifically recognizable police and referees youth activists arrested sentenced to 10 to 15 days.
Each court in the midst of the people detained were Pabo with traces on the face. Yesterday had a lot of emergency calls to the police. A dozen people without the help of others came to the clinic, where they assisted.
Activist of the unregistered organization "Union law" Jure Karetnikau sewed up the wound on his head.
"They tried to knock me down. Thrashed back, thrashed expensive gloves … Felt baton. Maybe she and I split the head. Commandos behaved not what the officers, but generally not a man. Since they’ll beat, beat kids … Thrashed back. It was just in shakalski. "
In the courts, it became clear that people were detained soldiers of internal troops of the Gomel and Mogilev. During the trials of arrested relatives failed to give them warm clothes and food. Tags: results, freedom, citizens

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