8 degrees for 5 days, Stalin had approved

In Minsk at the memorial complex "The Pit" was accomplished mourning ceremony marking the 65th anniversary of the liquidation of the Jewish ghetto. Role in her adopted country’s president Alexander Lukashenko. Comment listener:
Andrew, Pinsk: "Lukashenko at the memorial event mentioned the Berlin wall, destroyed almost 20 years ago. It was destroyed by politicians for friendship among peoples. At us a fabulous Federal Government, which is already 10 years old, too, like built in the name of people. But the personal ambitions of the President and other politicians condemned the project unfinished, or it, as they say, to fool people. More would not hurt our president to appear at a similar event dedicated to the victims of Stalinism and not base Stalinism in our republic. "
Belarus began phasing in heating systems in buildings. And on this day, many hundreds of residential and administrative buildings heat never came. The expression on this topic:
Ilya Kopil: "Curiously, who fiction formula that, so start heating in apartments, one should expect that within 5 days of average daily temperature was not higher than 8 degrees. Excruciates babies from colds, was ill adults … Neuzh then freeze is one of the people Fri applets "For a healthy civilization"?
Answers to the question economist Mike Zaleski:
"8 degrees for 5 days, 9 square meters per person, and a small consumer basket invented and academics Nemtchinov Strumilin in 1927. Stalin approved this decision, and it in turn is made."
International organization "Reporters without Borders" declared unsatisfactory situation of the media in Belarus. Up to this topic:
"Rating the media in Belarus.
Was taken to 172 countries.
And what sort of announcements?
We place at 154.
Last occupy maybe
Some tribes pigmei …
Earlier, the "People’s Will", "Borisov announcements"
Were in Belsayuzdruk.
Now not all power
Inserted my furry hand.
How suffer more?
Reader "Narodnaya Volya". "
Aaplet expression continues to another topic:
Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "Today I heard a song Vysotsky Belarusian. My dear, whatever we may be patriots, but this can not be done. Just as you can not redraw da Vinci or somebody else. Vysotsky — this time Russian era. Write your and your best advocate! "
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