A. Bialiatski: Stupid to figure out something with sharpie

It has been argued that the sovereign Bialiatski, which officially does not work anywhere, managed to buy a property, the market price of which is hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ales Bialiatski calls himself plot joint creative control subordinates BT Alexander Zimouski and special services.
By Yuri teleanalitiki Prakopau, human rights activist Ales Bialiatski on funds from foreign grants acquired property, which is estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, with all this TV presenter said that failed to contact with the hero of the plot, because he rested in Tipo another "banana republic."
In an interview with Radio Liberty Ales Bialiatski said that he has no desire to engage in polemics with municipal advocates, since it is only one of those public figures who have to "order" to discredit:
"I have nothing to dowhich presently and I will not explain, because it makes no sense with these sharpie clarify something. Indeed, in any case, it comes as a form of justification. Because no explanation, except that it all fits into the overall campaign to discredit public figures, journalists, political leaders and others. Since it is clear that the plot is ready, it is clear that the information which had reporters for this story, received journalistic ways that course. Because everything is clear. "
Reporter: "So you think that these stories are made very splotchenno with intelligence agencies?"
"Yes, I’m sure of it completely."
Apartment, 10 years ago-found in the center of Minsk under study for the human rights center "Viasna", was framed by the chairman of the organization of Ales Bialiatski. However, according to colleagues and representatives of the third sector, to assert that hundreds of thousands of dollars, which on this basis Tipo disposes of human rights, there is no reason. In addition, the plot was not verifying that the price of real estate and a day or the current standard in the late 1990s is much different.
In a series of declassified Belarusian TV has got the whole clip Belarusian politicians.
Alexander Kozulin when he was rector of the Belarusian State University discovered incriminating laundering "gold" in the subordinate enterprise universities "Unidragmet." In the absence of evidence the case was closed, no apology policies brought.
Former Speaker of the Supreme Council Stanislav Shushkevich BT effort was attached to the "destructive sects" South Korean preacher moon and was even appointed "fisher of souls" for the church in Belarus. The voice of the Shushkevich in the story was not heard.
Ex-presidential candidate in 2006 Alexander Milinkevich was accused of real estate transactions in the Grodno region. In fact the policy of "attributed" Tipo illegal possession an old family home.
A couple of times the audience were offered special services intercepted telephone conversations opposition — Anatoly Lebedko with the famous Russian politician Boris Nemtsov, Viktor Kornienko Polish politicians.
Not once during the "political tourism" in different countries enters the frame teleanalitiki as leaders of political parties, and Belarusian students studying in different countries according to European educational programs.

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