A.Butkovskaya: how and why there are civilians killed initiative?

When in October last year released the information that appears in the districts of the village with the first plant pesticide class threat, local resident Lena Butkovskaya became one of the founders of the active group against the construction. In just a few months of work amicably inhabitants were able to attract to their own dilemma national attention, the main municipal institutions.
Butkovskaya Lena was born on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. How finished college, she began to work in the town builders and staff of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant — Pripyat. In the village everybody moved Pukhovichi ’22 reversed, after the Chernobyl tragedy. In the near future due to health problems had to quit her job in accounting and got a janitor.
Lena Butkovskaya became public editor this week and ordered the "freedom" to explore the theme: how public initiatives appear under what criteria they overcome and why advance fading?
Grodno: when you said about the referendum, can not give up just like that

Vadim SaranchukovOdnoy of the most resounding public campaigns last year was the action "Protecting Grodno from destruction." In the process it had different pickets. activities were detained, there was an attempt to hold a local referendum on the reconstruction of an old town. Authorities have not allowed a referendum and, one way or another, the company stalled. How to evaluate the results of its participants? This question is all the more pressing issues that the Grodno authorities again planning to move home in the historic building.
Saranchukou Vadim, who manages the city organization of BPF, said last year’s successful campaign. The results are not the worst, he says, not all planned buildings in the historic center destroyed. A current lull — time.
Locusts: "The fact that today there is no mass demonstrations of youth, as in the past year, it seems to me, temporarily. Last year’s campaign was a resounding, so a lot of people worried. Currently NOT excitement calmed down, but it is, so to speak, under expectations. And I’m sure that if there is something similar to the former, it will take not worse. Plus join elections to the House of Representatives — they can contribute to the company to become more sonorous and wide. "
Vadim Saranchukou last year found people for the Group’s local referendum on the reconstruction of an old town.
Locusts: "The fact of the initiative — an indicator. And the fact that she was in fear of the perceived vertical Grodno, it is also an achievement."
But the authorities have not registered group found a formal occasion. Sovereign Saranchukou notes: power anyway would block a referendum — not in vain in recent years they have never allowed any 1st picket rally — nothing.
One of the active events of last year — Edward Dmukhovskyy of movement "For Freedom." He believes that the company has not passed in vain received reverberated through Belarus and abroad. About events in Grodno spoke Polish and Czech politicians.

Edward DmukhovskyyDmukhovskyy: "The results can be assessed differently. But, in my opinion, it was in the past a long time successful company, for example, if it is associated with the elections in the town. As I understand, far not all of what the authorities planned to demolish fell under the bulldozer. And even was the reverse reaction on their part — discussion in state media. "
A campaign cons?
Dmukhovskyy: "We planned a city referendum, which had to reflect the outlook for the inhabitants of all these actions, the fact that the authorities do this. But summed legal errors in the formation of the desired paper. Minus besides the fact that this campaign was carried out public activists and it had a strong enough way affiliated with the political parties of the town, not counting the BPF. "
Franak Vyachorka last summer came with friends from the capital to participate in the Grodno company:

"On such a romantic impulse, we performed the action: perfomensy, flash mobs … From time to time it was necessary to stand in front of a bulldozer and stop … This year lasts savagery. Became clear that in Grodno planned new plans for the so called restructuring. I I think this is the smallest gain in response to society. During the past year the public news that dark vein, and this year is repetition. to intrigue society, to come up with a move base. Also to realize that the struggle in the end will bear fruit. "
Frustration now felt as action is not brought tangible for all participants of the fetus, said Franak Vyachorka. And what are the practical implications?
Vecherko: "This year, so you need to build a campaign to legal protection of this part of the public helped, mobilization, mass, but it is necessary, of course, to mobilize all young people, activists of democratic institutions."
Comment Lena Butkovskaya
"The local referendum — is what we are entitled, and even have the right to get there victory. But here’s the real experience. Yesterday we went to the Constitutional Tribunal and the subsequent realized. Belarusian legislation there are moments that help you make a mistake and its certainly react completely.
Because left the court a statement by an urgent requirement to modify this document and a very important chance to hold a local referendum would be a real, if this need arises.
Excellent understand: our proposal — this is a step forward in solving the urgent problems. But we need help and our elected representatives — deputies of all levels. Their proposal also must go and demand to make the necessary configurations. The problem still dare in the end with their submission. "

Slides: total 1720 signatures for four months
By Tipo local and sufficiently specific task — saving an old Grodno — enthusiasts have been able to attract extensive attention even outside the country. And when in print, the web appeared first information on the development of so-called "anti-nuclear group" that has risen against the proposed construction of nuclear stations in Mogilev seemed — soon it will become the most profound impact.
But contrary to expectations, just 4 months collected 1720 signatures. For comparison: the letter against the plant pesticides signed by about six thousand inhabitants amicably and surrounding villages PUKHOVICHY. Why?

Peter MalanochkinInitsiirovala campaign informal local Protestant society "Freedom in the Lord." Originally considered believers collect signatures for a local referendum. Why refused on intentions? Community leader Peter Malanachkin:
"Knowing the situation with our authorities, we are afraid that they deal falsely. We already have quite a powerful protection — Constitution — which states on nuclear-free zone in Belarus. If they will take the final decision on the construction, and then a referendum should be asked. "
For what then go from house to house, street?
"Collecting signatures, we first consolidate the population. Specify: yes it means something. What people and his voice, the position can influence the situation."
Campaign began four people. For four months they were joined by fourteen.
In some States, particularly through referendums succeeded in stopping the construction of the NPP. Specifically adopted as a nuclear-free Austria doctrine, one hundred percent abandon nuclear power in Italy, completed the construction of new nuclear power plants Swiss … 60 percent of the popular vote of the Japanese town
of Maki enough for refusal station construction there. So, thanks to a local referendum were banned several buildings in Russia.
There is a perception that the NPP construction to resurrect the economy Gorachchyny and related areas. New jobs, will be built transport and social infrastructure.
Member of "anti-nuclear group" economist Andrew Jurkov does not see the positive economic impact of construction a nuclear power plant here. First, as trained workers for building nuclear power plants in the region simply do not, they still need to cook.
"Same Smolensk NPP, which of us is not so far away. There I beheld the economic recovery. Feral forest there and everything. Gorki, Shklovsky and Orsha areas — particularly on the border of these 3 areas are going to build a nuclear power plant — have very tenderloin soil. And the construction of nuclear power plants — on the contrary, first blow to agriculture. "
With this view, the Head of the Department disagrees Agricultural Radiology Hoerki selhozakademii Gennady Chernuha. Scientist says that indeed around the station appears sanitary zone, where people will not live, rolled farm work, but the scale of the area is not so great, so roll up agriculture entire regions.
Gennady Chernuha varies but that chosen for the construction of nuclear power plants playground meets all technological requirements.
"To operate a nuclear power plant requires a huge amount of water. That place is called, has no rivers or lakes majestic. There streams only flow. Because there is a question …"
Local authority of the proposed nuclear power plant construction in the area do not express. Writes about it and Gorki district newspaper "Lenin’s Path." Explains executive secretary of Peter Dyatlikovich:
"I personally think it is very topical. Here upushchenne newspaper. Follower I construction, but — not with us. Nuclear power plant here in Gorki district, not the best idea. Her need to build where there are conditions for this."
Is a quarter of all the collected signatures against the construction of nuclear power plants "on account of" pensioner Galina Miksa. What sentiment in most cases it is facing?
"Many people are afraid to put a signature. People they say that they called relatives from Minsk and read: do not sign, do not show your own presentation, because it could end badly you, lose your job. Such provincial towns earnings look very hard."
Young people are more likely to subscribe. Continues spadaryyan Miksa:
"Young feel the danger bears nuclear power station. They they say that you have to leave from Gorki when Kukshinovo start building."
Incidentally, the village Kukshinovo is located 15 kilometers from Gourock, 50 — from Mogilev and 30 kilometers from the Belarusian-Russian border. Second Krasnopolyanskaya playground, also in the Mogilev region — in Chaussky area. It is also close to the regional center. Going to build a nuclear power plant by 2020.
Lena Butkovskaya comment:
"Quite a long time watching this resistance and saw he Tipo and there, but not only in the Mogilev region — around the country a lot of people who have hitherto not determine its position on nuclear power plant construction. Namely, since there are not so little desired of information. Most know only the official version he says, need to be built with a sharp economic reasons … Maybe because so goes: people and remember about Chernobyl, but while still outweigh the economic side prepyadstviya. That pressure on the psyche, which is why something sluggish and inactive all passes.
On the other hand, there are those expressions — problems appeared more severe press publications dependent and-independent, as harsh dialogue about the benefits and consequences in the media, I do not see. Maybe because such and difficulties.

Belarus: why hooked "human shield" GAI?
March 2 GAI exposed on the highway Minsk-Mikashevichy curtain of machines in which people were sitting to pause drunk driver who was traveling at a speed of 140 km. Human shield driver Roman Mentyukov not suspended. Brunt BMW in second strip. There sits PASHKEVICH family: husband, wife and their 3-year-old daughter.
History of "human shields", the introduction to his avtamabliyav people, where the people were, at the same time without the consent of the latter, shook the Belarusian society. Than the topic "hooked" Belarusians? Why is the situation on the highway struck more people for the abolition of privileges, unsafe construction plant, mass arrests of peaceful demonstrators?
Discussion of "human shields" began with the Web. Specifically, there were more active debate a few weeks after the incident. According to the journalist Ira goat, which in turn covered the topic in "Komsomolskaya Pravda", such a flurry of calls and responses to the newspaper’s website edition remembers:
"It was the only topic that category in our weekly" reader rating "has won all five of the highest positions — because we dedicated her entire band with reviews. Anything more than a similar resonance was not. "
One of the participants of "human shields" Yuri Pashkevych explains the reason such people intrigued by the sudden understanding of tomorrow in their place I can be. Say, in the political sphere as if there is a choice: to risk going on an opposition rally or not. And here the people had no choice. They have become hostages of action GAI. This hooked believes Pashkevich:
"Wilderness … illiteracy, inability, weakness GAI employees — and our ignorance of what is going on — on the other side. Eventually got the feeling:" Could I be in this place, my family, I could hit, and the consequences would have been even worse … "
Besides sensory component sp.Pashkevich spontaneously liberates very successfully organized an information campaign about the accident on the highway Minsk-Mikashevichy:
"Not only one newspaper used — and everyone could. And TV and radio connected and everything — just in one day — we are until March 13 did not advertise it all. And then one day all the media started trumpeting" .
The press service noted GAI: should direct public attention to other "alive barriers":
"The fact that we are living shield pedestrians at crossings every day — and that kids are killed specifically at pedestrian crossings — for some reason this silent on the Web."
Anatoly publicist Kozlovich — driver with many years experience. In his view, intrigued by society — the result of "bloated" journalists information wave. In addition, the prerequisite is a style of SAI, which was formed in the Belarusian minds for decades:
"Neither the police in general, nor the SAI namely never gives people a special liking. Here catchy fact. So always: what happens in the public mind, there is something krutsitsa and catchy fact later and defines what is being done. So everywhere: in journalism and literature, and sensation. "
"And in a society?"
"Social life — it’s something that all asleep, asleep, sleep … And you have a very conk someone to awaken all of us."
Comment Lena Butkovskaya
Naturally, the first people so vividly reacted to the "human shield" through electric media. But before that sensual zashkalenasts clearly indicates that we have begun to respond specifically to the intense pain of others.
On the background of the "shield" and then manifested. People like before a very responsive to what has already happened. In other words, the real danger. And underestimate potential.
Meanwhile easier to do everything to avoid a probable complex problems rather than later to beat them.
I repeat again: from the awkward unhealthy accident no one is immune, it can happen to anyone, perhaps because the story with the shield had found such support. But even more important for all o
f us to think about the danger coming and shoot them all the world already at the moment. "

Mogilev officials can be overcome only by the hands of their ways
Can a public initiative ends in ordinary? Such examples are few and they are all the same.
December 17 last year completed a preferential travel talenchyki, veteran books and cards for free medicines, repeatedly declined category of persons deprived of their privileges in payment of utility, medical and communication services. In the executive committees throughout Belarus was filed under a thousand applications for picket, but authorities have given only a few permits. Thus vertical makarom said: rollback reverse will not be here! But donors and Chernobyl liquidators did not give up, even when finished resistance against the abolition of privileges own students.
Notable donors had been previously entitled to free dentures, 50 percent payment pharmaceuticals, spa healing addition to their pensions. When there was a threat to eliminate these benefits for 44 thousand noble donors, they began to act. In June, collected a lot of signatures and appealed to the House of Representatives. But deputies did not have time Torrents session to consider this appeal. Then from 20 to 27 June held a warning strike donors: rose powerful information wave, and some concessions has been achieved.
Chairman of the public continues to charity association "Drop of Life" Igor Kovalenko:
"We have gained that supplementary pension remained as the right noble donor to stay at least some comfort to him. Mogilev defended even free travel on public transport. However, now transports lifted up their voice, whether the decision of the city council decision to abolish benefits? There are letters from the head of justice department of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, BHC, that the decision of local deputies does not contradict any laws, decrees and edicts. turns out that we have already defeated twice. "
But this week at an extraordinary session of the Mogilev City Council of Deputies again was a question of free travel. Donors wishing to use the certificate remained liner, transporters insists that at the end of each month, those coming on tickets. Currently preparing another appeal to the House of Representatives to defend the free ride is for all donor countries.
But the liquidators of the Chernobyl tragedy is still difficult. Three weeks reverse formed republican public organization "Chernobyl initiatives", headed by Ivan Nikitchanka. Liquidator Siliverst Basil is the coordinator of the Gomel region:
"I forbade generally hold a picket in Kalinkavichy unwilling to meet with us. Belarus is very hard. But in the week came to Mozyr Irish charity fund Chernobyl, they met with our military liquidators in Mozyr. Irishmen they say:" You have shocked own information out there that you do. People living in Belarus do not know your problem, and the authorities hide and we do not allow. "It is very hard to raise the society, that it had expressed any protest. Frightened people as afraid of losing their job."
Chairman charitable public organization "The Drop of Life" Igor Kovalenko on the question of whether the public to reach their own demands, he replied:
"It’s very hard, because none of the officials hear what we tell him. But citizens, on the contrary, become more sensitive to the dilemmas they have their fingers on the pulse. Because citizens become easier and talk, and work. But bureaucrats, on the contrary, it is hard, but if to fight their ways writing: write, write — they will give up. "
Lena Butkovskaya comment:
"Public initiatives with a happy ending — this, of course, until … If exclusion and overcome those who have a legal meaning in the confrontation. Because I believe that in the end the liquidators achieve something: there are quite severe disease, there documents that prove it, and you can not take it with a single blow and perakreslits forever. Here as with donors when they had still to reconsider the decision, because in the course of struggle found a lot of negativity and come to a consensus.
If something reasonable authorities violated or planned break, it can defend (really defend, and not just to compete). And we learn to be reasonable and responsible.

Everybody: whether probable gepi-end?

Offer resistance comes from the beginning of the new year. Activists during this time visited a number of ministries, the Constitutional Court. Authorities resist. Against the favorite of Sergei Obrozovskogo April 28 will begin the next trial. His blame organizing an unsanctioned meeting. Some time ago, the same sire Obrozovsky already punished by a fine in the amount of 1,400 thousand rubles.
Vertikalschika claimed in the press that the action involved only a handful of people. Meanwhile, about 6,000 soldier writing area pledged their support for the activities of groups that asks a local referendum. The village is home to 8,000 thousand people.
Sergei Obrazovsky:
"The construction of this enterprise — Energy provocation that violates environmental safety Belarus. Resolutions Academy reportedly true: it violates the law. Bureaucrats A spit on the interests of our people, the people who live here."

But in spite of Russian consulate facts submission hold that against the construction of the plant serves a small group of stakeholders. Says one of the employees of the enterprise "August-Bel":
"For some reason, the public seems to be that all the people protesting. But the bulk of the construction of the plant due to the fact that people will be provided employment, social programm implemented."
That in this case reflect ordinary amicably?
"I Miliukoff Maria S.. We have at one point were refugees — were evacuated from Pripyat itself. We survived this tragedy and we are persecuted in the same hell again? It’s scary!"
"Why did not intervene Lukashenko? This danger for the whole country! .."
"There are excellent bureaucrats put the paw!"
"Local authorities must first plead for us."

"I have an unhealthy child, I had nowhere to go. Hunt I live in the countryside and of net of net state. We, Belarusians, do not need this plant."
"I do not want my kids and grandchildren were born unhealthy. Against the plant and I lie here breasts. And all of us, we are here CHP workers went out, we will not allow the construction of this plant ever!"
On the days of the inhabitants of villages Svislach and everybody gathered about 6 thousand signatures against construction. Letters transferred district and regional authorities, as in the government and the Constitutional Tribunal. Oh, so it says Sergey Obrazovsky:
"Not one I am against factory" August-Bel, "as the position of the authorities. Here is a thing of the whole region. We have collected many signatures that clear — against the community. "
Inhabitants have found understanding and merged the danger of the threat to life and health of themselves and their kids — so says ecologist Valery Dranchuk:
"They got out of the frying pan into the fire: held Chernobyl, had escaped from one threat, but here is another chance.’s What they akin — specifically hazard. They do not wish to fall into another hell. I’m not under any circumstances do not agree, if someone then pronounces that joined them responsibility. This is the case when exactly people united danger. "
On days of activists appealed to the Constitutional Court, also initiated the environmental assessment to be independent and a local referendum on the need to build
a plant.
Lena Butkovskaya comment:
"All we are doing is not very bad thing, as it is not so much our first as the case of our region, our kids. And what ordinary people every day come up and ask: is it possible that more-nibudt do need help, it encourages new efforts: organize voyages in different ministries, working with the media, work, work …
Experience shows: at the moment it is difficult to assert their rights. You must do it very carefully and flexibly adjust each step. Indeed, we find, unfortunately, some resistance and some disrespect, I’d said, and our thoughts and beliefs of scientists — many bureaucrats do not want to have to deal with us, not willing that we planned their future together with the who occupy the highest positions.
Generally, watching the people who rise up, try to do something, I have the exact feeling — Belarusians grow as people who have changed their svetavsprymanne. This is fun. And gives you wings, and the strength to fight.
Even if we do something wrong, but we’re trying to do … And even if not at the moment, but tomorrow — but certainly there will be new, more daring for us, and therefore more happy.

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