A.Kozulin no longer trusts freed early

Meeting lawyer Dmitri Harachka Alexander Kozulin lasted more than an hour. That’s what a politician said about their own health:
"Fair feels himself, and said:" Fair. "
At Alexander Kozulin number of acquired diseases, which worsened after a 53-day hunger strike in late 2006. More than halfafter year Alexander Kozulin allowed hunger strike in prison diet, but later abolished this privilege. "In the prison canteen Alexander Kozulin as before no walks, eats what he sent relatives," — said the lawyer Harachka.
Dmitry Harachka confirmed that the colony increased informational isolation of his client. Former active correspondence with Kozulin addressees at large is almost over, says lawyer:
"Letters of reach, but soon very, very occasionally. With bolshennymi delays. "
Dmitry Harachka believes that Alexander Kozulin on premature release "no longer counts." According to the lawyer, and the prison administration "is unlikely to raise the issue of this release."
Alyaksandr Kozulin was the last in the list of six political prisoners, which the Belarusian authorities to release promised to make the best deal with the U.S.. In just a few months to 5 people on this list were unleashed, the last — in the middle of February — Dashkevich. In late February, when Alexander Kozulin was released a day or three for the funeral wife Ira, many do not rule out that the soon to be decision about premature release and Alexander Kozulin. But before This time, more than 2 years, Ex-presidential candidate is in the colony. The U.S. government and the European Union continue to seek control, so that the Belarusian authorities released sovereign Kozulin, also ended repression against other opposition.
In Belarus itself, and beyond a few Belarusian oppositionists continue relay hunger strike with the same demands. Previous lawyer Igor Rynkevich Kozulin, who was also on hunger strike for the eighth day, told Radio Liberty:
"I continue hunger strike in Germany ALKAYEVA starving. Oleg Alkaev lost 20 kg, his son Vyacheslav — 10. Given the fact that Israel is starving Roman Rivkin, just at the moment uchavstvujut 8 people in the hunger strike. "

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