A.Makarevich: Podobed said take these scum

KaratkevichLena, it is reported that you were beaten twice. Told about the incident.
Makarevich: I was beaten during prabivannya cardboard. We Dashkevich and Artur Finkevich tried all the same to cross the tram tracks near the "Evening Minsk," but we did not succeed, as we began to beat very much Dashkevich dissected person Finkevich — eyes. I thrashed riot police to the body, the legs, because my face no obvious signs that I was beaten …
I can say one thing: if we were, there was an order from Padabed he stood near: "Take now these" scum ", referring to the three of us. And we took. We beheld him, he specifically our face, finger poking it said. We realized that he has a list of who to detain, who do not hold. According sentences that got our guys (at 15 days of arrest), we realized that they had a list, as the rest, more or less unknown people given fines.
Karatkevich: You fined?
MakarevichI considered a minor, I was brought to the protocol, and in the first half I already released.
KaratkevichLena, you have one chipper voice … Some energy left you on this action?
MakarevichNot left, honestly. We just do not wait. We discussed this action, and Artur Finkevich said that such since 2004 does not remember at all … We had hoped for some liberalization, and it was so sudden that no memory is no more … Only some shock.
Karatkevich: When and how did you go to the protest?
Makarevich: At the election in 2006, and later I came to the "Young Front", and to this day we fight …
Listener: Before the events of March 25. Activities should be carried out where the Minsk authorities give permission. 26th at 6:10 am, your correspondent said insulator positioned in 30 people, 9 of them were released because they are minors. Again kids dragged into political games. Vladimir, Mozyr.
KaratkevichLena, you like it Comment out?
Makarevich: You know, the European March, we also went to the authorized route, as we believe it is shameful to be honest, as a woman, I say … We are now discussing the "Chernobyl Way", which will, if and as such will be the route to Bangalore from the Academy, we can even go and not go, as it is shameful, I think we have already rolled out Bangalore and all obeyed this our opposition.
KaratkevichLena, and if you turn 18? Then you will be able to drop and …
MakarevichWell yes, but what to do …
KaratkevichIt will be after the main political events, whether supastsi?
Makarevich: This will be the summer.
Karatkevich: You go in 2 years "Young Front". Why did you choose this particular business?
MakarevichI believe this is the only organization that will be able to decide something else. She is 11 years old and she is the foundation of God … In the new organization is not present on the blessing of God … I believe that this organization has already happened, when she is 11 years old, means it goes in the right direction …
KaratkevichWhen you go out on the action, you naturally want any change. That’s what you want to change that for yourself do not like the situation today?
Makarevich: I have so much resentment for everything: our people, such that it is headless, honestly say to you, for power — atheists realize that you can say … When he reads about any negotiations with Europe, and later is doing … I wish that every person in the heart understood themselves Belarusians, and only wake up waking up people.
Poll: What changes would you want in life?

KaratkevichHow to you these expressions?
MakarevichWhen I heard the comment about the Russian Union was just scared me just … I do not know.
KaratkevichHow to apply to your school of the teacher?
MakarevichYesterday director promised to expel me from school. It do not know what time. I uttered that all, take the documents and go wherever you want. Say, I do not allow for the exams. Well, we’ll still be read, even while going vacation.
Karatkevich: You are well trained?
MakarevichHow for you to say … In some teachers have a claim.
Karatkevich: A support classmates?
Makarevich: See, they all have so padkolvayuts and later look — one went to the rally, the second, third, fourth — stroll …
Karatkevich: A BRYU active in your school?
Makarevich: We have 99%, from the fifth grade, all BRYU. In the 11th grade are almost forced, as fear is not received, etc. I said, fundamentally, that I will not enter there, and I did not write back.
KaratkevichHow ancestors react to what you are at a meeting and you can drop in a paddy wagon, beat?
Makarevich: My father responds perfectly, but my mother after KGB letters to her work after it is lowered for the post, it’s not very good at it reacts — she requested that I was 18 years old and so responsible with it removed, so there was no no problems.
Karatkevich: Are you a Protestant?
Makarevich: Yes. By the way, I also pressed the school about it. Every day I had a conversation with the director, he tries to find something I have about my pastor and my church, but I do not say anything, and then he spots covered …
Karatkevich: That such young girls — what was the way to Protestantism?
MakarevichI came to the "Young Front", met Dashkevich and litsezrev his example, went along with him and remained there, because I saw that this particular mine. Maybe someone beckons Orthodox Church, any church, but for me specifically Protestant church is that of a family …
KaratkevichLena who you ideal Belarusian politician?
Makarevich: I will not cross on the person — I think it should be a believer, God’s laws adhere … If Dashkevich endured criminal sentence, he was given the last word, and he said: "If human law to resist God, it is necessary to adhere to the laws of God …" Here, it seems to me, is the slogan should be a politician.
KaratkevichWhat would you pass people who heed you now?
MakarevichI wished they would have faith and hope, and that they were not afraid to go out, because who, if not we? So as not were that faith remains in one youth exiting some kids that it’s some kind of provocation … I heartily wish of hope and faith in our best future. Tags: young, Dashkevich, March, Makarevich, 25, the front

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