A.Milinkevich fined 700 thousand rubles

Soligorskiy Tribunal decided to punish the policy by 20 basis units — 700 thousand rubles.
May 15 Alexander Milinkevich came to Soligorsk to talk with people. The central market policy gathered around 10s people.
Almost a couple of minutes before the detention policies had to share experiences from meeting people:
"Not a big meeting was prepared: come to the city to talk to people. Came on the market, has gathered an unlimited number of people. People are outraged, humiliated people. Tensions in the markets is very high. And if the government does not understand that small businesses need to maintain and not destroy , then this is a harsh bomb under the country. Such people are very many. They have not yet organized themselves. They are conscientious, hardworking. Destroy such — is very harmful for the country. Very impressed with the meeting. "
Milinkevich detained on leaving Salihorsk when policy controls to Slutsk with the same purpose — to meet with people in the center of town.

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