A.Milinkevich: should be specified in who does what

According to the favorite of the movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich, visit was very effective and fruitful. The question to determine whether members of the delegation expressed a common approach, sire Milinkevich noted that all were in favor of the need for dialogue, which first required the Belarusian people.
"As the pace of the dialogue, the pace of the relief measures steps, who is the first to do, who second, to give or not to give this visa Alexander Lukashenko Europe — there’s debate. I do not consider them fundamentally. Fundamentally what Belarus very interested in the economic, trade and political cooperation also with Europe. And here is no different thoughts. I think that Poland remains a very active and continue to state. Poland is very fundamentally, that we were predictable and, certainly, democratic state. "
According to Milinkevich, the Polish side will vigorously advocate for easing visa regime for Belarusians and reducing the cost of visas.
"And now, I think, an old European country and it also support. There is a decent chance that the Belarusians will have the best skills to come to the EU."
Milinkevich expects negotiations between the European Union and the Belarusian government, in which should participate opposition kansaliduyuchysya with the European Union.
"There must be painted certain steps: who making. The Belarusian government from start to finish to bring the first paragraph of 12 criteria — the "Case of 14", in the case of 18 students who can not come home because criminal cases against them and is not finished yet political persecution. Certainly, free media — a very fundamental thing. And economic cooperation with the EU, the first role in the program notes of good neighborliness. In This year we hardly have time, but in the future, these applets should extensively unfold. "

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