A. Piontkovsky: Ukraine’s success — and death putinism Lukashism

For our guests we have put the composition of the "Neuro Dubel" "The Edge." Memories Piontkovskii:
"I loved it. Even we have already appointed Tsar-Liberator makes speeches, where the main slogan -" freedom — is better than no freedom. "
Andrei Piontkovsky was born in 1940 in Moscow in a family lawyer, a member of the Academy of the USSR, member of the USSR Supreme Soviet Andrei Piontkovsky.
Correspondent"As a mathematician becomes a political scientist?"
Piontkovskii"You know, here I had two paths that led to those stupid things that I currently do. When we are in the former Soviet Union experienced restructuring, democratic movement, I’m intensely involved in the club Academy scientists, we helped Academician Sakharov. And it turned me into politics. Apart from this, in the 80s I was doing modeling such things as strategic stability, nuclear balance. This was in line with the relations between the U.S. and the USSR, because I’m pretty good, maybe even better than those who consider themselves to be professionals — politicians speak this international issues. From the time I write on a variety of political issues related to internal and external policies. "
Correspondent"You have said about the nuclear balance — can be such a balance?"
Piontkovskii"It is this ability to balance 2-countries — the U.S. and the USSR — mutually kill each other in any scenario. Realized when one country attacks another, no matter how weary or had a stroke, so still in the mood to answer would be that same — the second side destroys the attacker. Mutual suicide. This sounds scary, but in the years of the war is cool and we bailed. From mutual destruction. Either party was aware that he can not defeat, but lost. This realization came to favorites 2 — uh countries — Kennedy and Khrushchev — during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. then, the U.S. was much stronger than us, Kennedy was a great temptation to knock on those missiles that Khrushchev put in Cuba, but he realized that in response to the impact of New- york and Washington will be destroyed.
Correspondent"Tell me, Andrew, who survives, who survive in this cool war again?"
Piontkovskii"You know … Cool war at the moment funny. I call it a" Potemkin. "I will explain to you — when Americans have antimissile installations in Poland and the Czech Republic, they are fully capable to undermine our great potential. They just order to defend themselves against Iran.’s Moscow and was threatened — we will send missiles there, here., the strategy called "unacceptable harm." In this world, and kept all the 40 years of war. We are now in such a state … And I wondered question — let me parametravyya job that one of the missiles that are going to bring to Europe, which will be aimed at the Swiss headquarters office Gunvor, which has sovereign Timchenko, a close friend of Putin’s sovereign, and through which 60 percent of Russian oil. Either on yacht Sovereign Abramovich azure coast. And thousands of other objects. When our entire top western banks billions accounts a tremendous asset, children in institutions, wife and mistress give birth in Western clinics, which can be read as a cool war? This is so for the people, for PEOPLE who hides. He needs to clarify what our homeland surrounded by enemies … "
Correspondent"If we talk about Russia and its impact on Belarus — whether the disintegration of the Russian Empire?"
Piontkovskii"And what read? He came in 1993. However, Russian political elite, but I take the word in quotation marks -" elite "- they love it so call themselves … There are puppies elite … In Russia is stuck understanding of the political elite …

Cool war at the moment funny. I call it a "Potemkin"

They perceive it painful … Putin says that the main political tragedy of the twentieth century — a collapse of the USSR. And here is one of the most glittering politicians post-Soviet space — your pochetaemy President Alexander Lukashenko — 15 years brilliantly uses the political systems of the Russian political elite, who dreams of working process — the revival of the empire. At least make the first step — what they call the union of Belarus and Russia. Practically, the Anschluss of Belarus.
All we beheld, as every year — since 1995, if I’m not mistaken. Always spring for some reason — he came to Moscow, signing another piece of paper on the final, final, full integration. Glass broke in the Kremlin with vodka. Left with a very bad economic preferences, but not for one moment he did not think seriously to change his position dictator, such medium-scale euro countries. And it should be said that these very experienced people, cynics who managed to impale the world and manages to impale Russian people — they fell for it. She always believed and expected, but when Alexander G. begin with them combined.
And even the last 2 years, when it became clear that no union will not, Lukashenko is dear and close to the Kremlin. And he started another "bauble" to exploit — say, protects Russia from NATO, which should poruha on Russia … "
Correspondent"It seems that for you Lukashenko like?"
Piontkovskii"I liked how he stabs 15 years Russian leaders. Regarding Belarusian perspective, … Clearly, this is an odious figure, everything is clear to us, and taking into account the disappearance of his political opponents — which is likely — political killings . Probably in the future the Belarusian history textbooks call him dad Belarusian independence … "
Correspondent"Andrew, and you’re ready to come back to this conversation 10 years from now -15?"
Piontkovskii"Yes. Promise. When there is no Lukashenko will not. And it will be remembered, is seen …"
Correspondent"We have limited time applets because fundamental questions about Russia … Vladimir Putin — a politician or the system?"

The Russian and Belarusian there is hope — it is Ukraine.

Piontkovskii"It’s not a bad question … is a man who was in tune with revanchist Russian political elite. Systems .. What the physical layer were people an old Russian system. Yeah. Specifically, such a man with such complexes and mental KGB major and sought Russian political elite. To preserve their own power. "
Correspondent"Tell me, in the Russian Federation have opposition? Whether it came down to dissent?"
Piontkovskii"And it’s a beautiful question … If oppositionist not provide the ability to participate in elections, to be in the media, regardless of their own will, it becomes a dissident. This choice of power — make human dissident."
Correspondent"Like you describe the game in the West that he believes the Russian Federation?"
Piontkovskii"Yes West understands all … What is needed, he receives from the Russian Federation, and the fact that there inside the West … It does not bother. But rhetoric comparison with the Third Reich, the dangers of rockets — listen, of course, unpleasant, but the West — a pragmatist. Westerners understand that for internal skarystannya one outdoor — more.
Correspondent"And at the end of the conversation — your vision of the future of Russia and Belarus"
Piontkovskii"I often think how long will continue what happens to you, we, in Russia — we are not politically different. Opposition already, as we have discussed, reincarnated as dissidents. Winning elections is unrealistic. Revolution from above is unlikely, because the power stolen such a large amount that at least some expansion of freedom threatens their existence. I think the Russian and Belarusian there is hope — it is Ukraine. The success of Ukrain
e, give it two or three years of development. Euro. The success of Ukraine — is death "Koshchey immortal "-" Putinism "and" Lukashism. "

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