A.Povelitel: Thaw ended …

Political scientist Lord Alexei said: both sentences clearly demonstrate — thaw in Belarus was completed.

"Thaw itself was not in the logic of an authoritarian regime. She was obliged under pressure, both internal and, to a greater extent, external criterion. And at the moment is the restoration of the level of the regime, which he was tall, and on which he worked.
I think it spetsefichesky way a reaction to their own actions in the past nedavneshnem, this thaw. This — the feeling that there are new forces that they go on selfless acts they enjoy respect in their own environment, and the terror that it can have a chain reaction and resistance to expand. And therefore it is necessary to include a mechanism to intimidate a step up. "
Member of the House Representatives Yuri Kulakovskii sure: these sentences is no policy. He says that businessmen do not need to hold a meeting, and do their work and earn money:
"I have many friends and acquaintances, as they worked, and work. Here in the Kirov region has such Botian — last teacher vocational school.’s Wife worked as a teacher. They all operate on the market: both he and she, and son, and a daughter. All work and normally feel. poporyadku real home. "
Sovereign Kulakovskii believes that shares businessmen send them in the wrong direction:
"It is time to run across these tents, bags, whenever they make out and make up to the modern business. Same Kirovsk years 10 stands empty industrial shop. Take it leases. No, do not wish to."

Authorities do not hunt to any one class was more consolidated, more cohesive

Economist, vice-chairman Joint civilian party Belarus Yaroslav Romanchuk reads authorities profitably, that entrepreneurs do not go into politics. But they are pushing small entrepreneurs to policy measures:
"The authorities do not hunt to any one class was more consolidated, more cohesive, had more influence on policy. And a harsh response, hard sentences — it first, desire to show others not climb here. Power indicates that it does not wish to build business as partners in dialogue and not going to create for individual entrepreneurs usual conditions. "

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