A variant of authoritarian modernization

Tsigankov"What are the points in this letter seemed to have more than necessary and essential? On that head of state sent more attention?"
Klaskouski"This message is distinguished by the fact that they were set very basic tasks — nothing less, enter into the world elite of the favorites. But if read without pathetic then felt that the management of the country all basically push economic reasons. And it realizes that the issues of modernization — is the most fundamental issue at the moment.
Coupled with the fact, "new wine in old are invited to pour bottles." Government wants to modernize, to build nuclear power plants, I wish that were innovation and investment. But at the same time, she did not willing to sacrifice a little bit of self-empowerment. ‘Cause I’d said, society that the variant of authoritarian modernization "
Tsigankov"Indeed, if earlier papyarednih messages Lukashenko read about relations with Russia and the West, but now apart from a few sensible remarks about the West, about RF nothing comes to mind … All the attention was focused on internal difficulties"
"Lukashenko excuses for benefits"
Bykovskii"It seemed obvious, as the head of the country had to justify why in the past year were canceled benefits. This issue had been raised in several contexts (directly or indirectly), and it concerned health and benefits that retirees returned presently on public transport .
Seemed a fascinating and nuance associated with public trust "Snow White Rus". The President pointed out that it was not his union that he was watching him from the side. That came to him for funds for "snow-white Russia" — he did not like and it’s pretty important point. This indicates that the project has not currently support the exact state that the very principle on the eve of parliamentary elections.
Lukashenko also thanked West for the requirement to preserve the independence of Belarus, and blamed Russia for inhibition of the Union countries, which took place after the offer to be part of. This thesis is not new, and that it sounded at the moment, it quickly shows that there is something new that could be put in this area.
But the theme of political prisoners and namely Alexander Kozulin, which, if I am not mistaken, was made twice in the message — this is a very important point. That Lukashenko tried to "close" this question with all this himself twice to him vorachivalsya indicates that this issue is really sharp and in some mysterious dialogue between Belarus and the West. "
Tsigankov"Alexander Lukashenko in his own speeches always makes" lyrical digressions "and they are more was characterized those subjects about which he can not read quietly," a piece of paper. " Here I would like to mention three themes — benefits Kozulin and the opposition, which Lukashenko hitherto can not read relaxed. And what would you have identified? "
"Abilities a democracy games such makarom discarded"
Klaskouski"On the topic of benefits, I believe, the President knows the real layout of public opinion — and is independent sociology shows that more than 3 quarters of the poor took this decision. Together with those situations and economics asks what is needed in a certain degree renounce from those principles that Lukashenko was in power. And he is now aggressively fought dependency. sounded such thoughts, which would sound more naturally from the lips of liberal economist — "Everyone has to make for themselves, the laws should bother about for yourself! "
This indicates that the management of the country uniformly renounces socialist rhetoric and inconspicuously translate Cain on rails authoritarian modernization, as a result of which can be created by state-oligarchic capitalism.
And the second point — the president aggressively paced project "Snow White Rus". In particular, he worries that the bureaucrats have gone too far, began to drive in this business, there is that certain appetites grow (let us cabinets and computers). And he senses the danger that creates brand new bureaucratic structure, but it may be — in the long term and even a parallel power center. But minus here is that even the ability to play a democracy such makarom discarded and of course, that the next elections in general and political life in the foreseeable future will go to old patterns &.
Bykovskii"Lukashenko, in the midst of trying to play the rest of the world dilemma of rising prices for agricultural products. Couple of times, he noted that" stupid people are lucky, and we were, too. "In the midst of lyrical digressions was quoting any rural companies in Mogilev, which Tipo without his knowledge connected. And here there is not the first time it was possible to hear from Lukashenko that farmers also have the right to exist, and give something to the state — and it’s very exciting moment.
Once again intercepted Lukashenko slogans which once put forward by the opposition. Now this "bet on transit", which the president said — this is what the beginning of the 90’s read the Belarusian opposition. "

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