A.Zabarovski: A political solution will make the Security Council

Assistant Chairman of the State Academy Alexander Zaborowski explained to Radio Liberty: as yet little advance state that a final decision on the construction of nuclear power plants specifically in Gorki district on Kukshinovskoy site:
"Read on, that any selected area completely — it’s not quite so into it-1-x. In-2-x, self justification and detalizavanne — when, where and how to build — with all these factors will be announced after the meeting of the Commission of the highest level, made in the Council of Ministers. The head of this commission — Vladimir Ilyich Semashko.
And after, all working materials produced on site selection committee will be subject to review, after which it will be officially announced position, which takes overall control of the Council of Ministers, which is recommended for a political decision. Because now it’s only discussion that will be considered in the Council of Ministers, and whereupon will be submitted to the final verdict, which will go and the scientific part, and the financial part, which is generally associated with the development of these regions. Because little prematurely state that everything is already decided. And while there is a position voiced by Misha V. Myasnikovich as deputy chairman. But the final decision will be taken, the Security Council. "
Doctor Jora Lepine spent 6 years in Chernobyl, and later went to the government commission that evaluated the need to build nuclear power plant in Belarus country:
"Which of these 3 sites best or worst — I can not judge, I have been heavily involved in this. But I think that no matter which of them — this is another nonsense, just sense in this. Though I am against any of them" .
Director of the Research Institute for Nuclear problems BSU doctor Vladimir Baryshevski consider all the relevant government sites for the construction of NPP harmless:
"I honestly do not know what all the sites differ from each other. We do not seismic region. Republic stands so to speak, in what pastamentse granite, majestically. Because the main thing — to not have the fault station, but geologists know this Pripyat fault, and no one has ….
I think that there can only be economic reasons. Economic, cultural. And maybe even between regions are fighting for it: around infrastructure jobs. Here there is a lot of nice for those who have it will be next. "

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