Activists were detained and beaten on the list

Now police in Minsk is about hundreds of detainees. In Russian police station are about 50 people, about 25 in Factory in Guerrilla and more than 20 people.
People who went to the police station in a paddy wagon factory said that their cell phones were taken, and they had no ability to communicate with their relatives.
It became clear that the policemen who ruled crackdown on his hands were lists of those people that they must first hold, and later they have detained those people under the so-referred to as "cleansing." Artur Finkevich very beaten; Dmitry Dashkevich many bruises on his face. Underage Lena Makarevich very beaten on the legs, and later beaten again by the police, after the arrest. Also very beaten Christina Shatsikava.
Emergency Doctors: "We will have difficulties militia"
But there were people who just got under stripping case. One lady who vorachivalas of the store with bags, saw people started beating on Independence Avenue near Victory Square. She asked what had happened, and also hit the van. It is clear now that the ladies several broken ribs.
Also have affected Russian police department. Ilya Karetnikau sew head in 9th medical clinic. A few guys got a traumatic brain injury, and they also sewed up the wound of the head. Gischenyu, activist "Young Front" from Baranovichi, crazy shoulder.
Emergency room doctors said they were constantly called to the people who are in the police, and they read as parents who were at the Russian police department that tomorrow may be the policemen of the problem, but who will do these tasks policemen, they did not say. Were that many injuries. Ancestors are outraged, they write complaints, as their kids are still not released of the sites, even though they have the right to detain minors only 1:00. Neither the 1st of the detainees held by "magazine registration" — all held in the assembly halls, where, and call for an ambulance.
The police separated minors from adult detainees. Make their protocols. All blame in participating in an unsanctioned rally. FOR police station is the bus with the commandos — their cause for 2-3 people, they make reports and give testimony. Underage Christina Samoilov said that it amounted to a protocol those commandos who did not detain her.
It became clear that Illya Shyla the police department is in Russian. In Russian and partisan police department are almost all Minsk activists "Young Front". Tags: beating, detention, Minsk, BNR, march, riot police

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