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Director of special assignments Russian "Rosoboronexport" Nikolai Demidyuk confirmed the possibility of supplies to Belarus missile complexes "Iskander".
"We put everything they zahochut. There are no restrictions on the supply of weapons to Belarus", — said Nikolai Demidyuk. With all of this Russian company employee exporting weapons did not call a clear time when such supplies can be performed, noting that be distinct pause between the creation of "Iskander" missiles and supplies for export. How do you comment in Belarus?
By-independent military analyst Alexander Alesina, such supplies to Belarus, as well as the establishment of "Iskander" in the Kaliningrad region, may be complete no earlier than 2015.
"This is not a short time, the question is very, very much. One thing — to make a single instance and perform the test, and

"We put everything they zahochut. There are no restrictions on the supply of weapons to Belarus"

another matter — mass production. This is not a year, not two or even three. Only if some rush work begins, it may be time to accelerate. And so — in 2015 the Russians plan to put into service 5-6 batteries "Iskander", if that soon such a decision. We have the same plans. After all, to put missiles, train people to install systems — previously impossible to such term. "
Alexander Alesin believes that Russia supplies to Belarus modernized "Iskander" with a range of 500 km, of which it is, would constitute a violation of international agreements on the distribution of medium-range missiles.
"From the Belarus is will also parushenne.Use same doubt that the Belarusian authorities will go to ensure that quarrel with the world"- Says Alexander Alesin.

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