Affiliates and Emergency Rosrybolovstva Far East have received new equipment

Branches of the Far Eastern regional search and rescue team MOE Russia, including Sakhalin, have received new equipment — All terrain vehicles GAZ-3351
As the press service of the Far Eastern regional search and rescue team in November of this year under the authority of the federal budget has received nine road vehicles for the transport of people and transport of goods in the most severe road and weather conditions.

According to the chief of the maintenance of personal protective Michael Tretiak, two cars sent to the Yakut search-and-rescue team, two — in Magadan. One by one all terrain vehicle got Amur, Kamchatka, Sakhalin search and rescue teams and a branch of the Russian Emergencies Ministry DVRPSO in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Also, a new item appeared in the disposal of rescue workers in the Far East Khabarovsk.

All terrain vehicle is a vehicle based on two crawler tracks, with the active drive on all tracks. The uniqueness of the new development — the modular design of links with ultra-low ground pressure, seamless reinforced rubber tracks that minimize negative impacts on the soil. Trailer module, depending on your needs, you can substitute for rescue, fire and rescue and medical.
High specific power and mechanism of coupling modules can achieve high cross on all types of surfaces, including marshy areas and ponds.
In the divisions of the Russian Emergencies Ministry terrain vehicle GAZ-3351 can be used for the delivery of personnel, rescue gear and equipment, fire fighting, medical evacuation and other tasks depending on the set of functional modules in off-road conditions, snow, swamp and other difficult terrain
All terrain vehicles are designed to operate and bezgarazhnoe storage at ambient temperatures from -50 to +40 degrees, as well as in mountainous terrain with altitudes up to 4.6 km. All the equipment is able to overcome water obstacles. The speed of movement on the road — 55 km / h, afloat — 4 km / h


 Inspectors maritime territorial management Rosrybolovstva got the last 15 cars of the 40 allocated to the agency this year.

Now in the asset 65 officials involved directly protection of aquatic biological resources and their habitat, is 43 units of vehicles. 

Continues to employees Fisheries biggest problem is the lack of off-road vehicles — such as GAZ 33081 with kung, which need at least seven units. In the case of the purchase would be partially solved the issue of mobile stations in remote areas of the taiga during salmon season.
In addition, as noted in the management, on the way to Vladivostok dvaa powerful new boat "Master 651", capable of speeds over 80 km / h. In 2012, management was provided by family units of new boats. The assets of Fisheries today there are two boats, 39 motor boats and rowing 20 units of inflatable rubber boats. However, while there is a problem with outboard motors — available virtually 51 units have served their sentences, because they are produced in 1998-2002 and operated with the year of production.

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