Agreed on what our homeland and NATO?

Yesterday NATO approved plans to locate in the U.S. Europe missile defense system with what is not according to the management of.
During the summit, NATO management promised that over time, Ukraine and Georgia to join the alliance, but the two countries have not yet proposed specific plans for accession.
NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer at the previous meeting with Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko promised that the alliance will help Ukraine in implementing reforms that will likely Ukraine’s accession to the organization. Yushchenko, in turn, is now said that his country was aware of the difficulties in the way of joining NATO. He also stressed that Ukraine’s intention to join NATO is not aimed against Russia.
Yushchenko"Our country has every right to independently choose their own development path, to protect its national security and its true fundamental interests. Our Euro-Atlantic interests are not targeted against any third country, anywhere. Ukraine has no plans to have military bases in some countries on its territory. This is prohibited by the constitution of the state. "
Manage NATO said in this press release that the ministers of foreign affairs of the alliance will make a first assessment of Ukraine’s progress on their own meeting in December. In response, Yushchenko expressed confidence that during the meeting of the NATO Ukraine will receive an action plan on joining the alliance.
Meanwhile NATO spokesman said today, Our homeland that and union are close to an agreement on land transit of goods for NATO forces in Afghanistan through the Russian countryside. Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was pleased with the negotiations favorites NATO countries, despite the divergence of views. He, but stressed that Our homeland as before concerned probable upcoming NATO’s eastward expansion.
Putin"The appearance on our borders massive military bloc, whose members are regulated by acts including the fifth article of the Washington contract, will be perceived in Russia as an equal threat to the security our country. And the statement that this process is not aimed against Russia, can not satisfy us. "
Fifth article of the contract on the development of the Washington NATO implies that an attack on any of the Allied States is perceived as the rest of the attack on them all. Tags: Putin, Ukraine, Bucharest, georgia, Summit, NATO

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