Ales Ostrovsky: I have the perfect plan for opposition

ABM vision opposition
Ulitenok"You often criticize the Belarusian opposition. How it should look in the standard?"
Ostrovsky"Do not just formal — say, there are good. No, should show a nominee regime. Thus in the eyes of the absolute majority of society. And it seems to me that this will not be achieved without making the software form the future of the country of Belarus. Fact — a product of the combined forces all opposition. "
Ulitenok"What intrigued ordinary way of the future of Belarus?"
Ostrovsky"They are really interested in whether they have the prospect of owning property in the latest power, what specifically whether they will have their opportunity to influence tomorrow’s power, whether they will have their human dignity and that of their children — the future.
But this is only the first step. I call it "knowledge." We must know what we build Belarus. "
Ulitenok"What should you put on the second place?"
Ostrovsky"It is necessary to prepare hundreds and thousands of personnel and better."
Ulitenok"Why should they learn?"

"Learning the basics of Belarusian culture and language proficiency. They must know the history of Belarus. Represent true to what goals they seek. Understand the strategy of the struggle for power. Obviously, what about non-violent ways."
Ulitenok"Excellent. Imagine footage is. What’s Next?"
Ostrovsky"The commitment of the masses. Other words inhabitants of Belarus should ponder: political candidacy is! And there is an image of the detailed program of Belarus. And there are people who are able to realize. As a result, the masses should have the feeling that it transmits power in safe hands. Therefore willing to support. "
Ulitenok"So Makar, you describe the perfect plan of the opposition. But he real? Remind you before the presidential election only three years …"
Ostrovsky"Time, indeed, a miser. His might not be enough even prodigious provided unlimited resources. Besides, I am afraid that our opposition will not accept this program from — many years suggest, but …"
Ulitenok"Pessimistic …"
Ostrovsky"Optimistic that we can still win, this is for me to say …"
Actual defense and civilian targets
Ulitenok: "The Emperor Alexander, who you are in classic literature?"
Ostrovsky "To expand my understanding of the world made a huge deal Erich Fromm — recognizable philosopher satsyyapsyholyag. I put it much higher Freud."
Ulitenok: "You yourself — creator of several books …"
Ostrovsky "They’re faster political science, ideological plan."
Ulitenok: "What, in your opinion, for Belarusians value number one?"
Ostrovsky "The existence of the Belarusian people, the opportunity to put themselves in a historical perspective. Because value number two is our own government, without which it is unrealistic to carry out pilot."

"What do you value in the first face?"
Ostrovsky "Man on the lower level — a creature that is different from the animal the ability to think abstractly. This property is required to have all the people. And still they should be the highest moral principles and properties. If the latter is not enough, then I’m sorry for the harshness, it is still allowed which mimic human. "
Ulitenok: "What worries you, as doctor of medicine?"
Ostrovsky "We, the doctors, the duty to teach very unhealthy. How should we treat the whole society, to their own people, who are in an unhealthy state? Apart Prof. own debt, also need to think how to cure society? Public body? What I’m doing pretty many recent years. "
Ulitenok: "The Emperor Ostrovsky, you five kids. There are any own recipe education?"
Ostrovsky "Real-world conditions. Present work. Truth requirement: you must have earned you. Be always in good faith, but — not stupid."
Ulitenok: "Please tell me it was easier to educate kids for advice or reality?"
Ostrovsky "Ancestors always fall into a situation of choice: that the child can talk about the world, which is, in fact, and that — not? And at the moment the situation in this sense is not changed. Ancestors as authorities within the existing information-psychological system of today’s society unless there not in last place. And she, the information space is actually destructive. BSSR For we brought in the criteria unrighteousness. And at the moment, in Belarus, in the criteria of a moral decay.’s very hard to read as a child that it is or it is not the norm when he sees it everywhere. "
Ulitenok: "Your beloved aphorism?"
Ostrovsky "Credo all Ostrowski — never give up!’s All … Never give in! Neither enemies who are outside, not a whisper, which happens to be inside."
Russian missile
Ulitenok"The Emperor Alexander, what, in your opinion, there segodnyaschy Our homeland against Belarus?"
Ostrovsky"Russia controls (despite the structural configuration — or to the royal era, or the Communists, or now, with an increase in the actual dictatorship) is always one and the same structure. This group of people, which I call the Russian imperial bureaucracy or — Russian imperyyakratyyay. Here main subject in Russia with only parasitic purposes. As against its own society, and with the brutal parazytnymi goals against neighbors. Including Belarus. Nothing changes! "
Ulitenok"Well, in Russia itself, there are influential people who are thinking about this way?"
Ostrovsky"The past adviser to President Yeltsin sovereign Satarov calls this pile" copulate the authorities ". Past President Putin adviser Illarionov sovereign referred to her" company "- a certain aggregate of certain people with a certain brutal sotsyyaparazytnym destructive imperial thinking. It includes at least half a million people. We need a sober look at the world and know about the risks themselves. "
Ulitenok"Official Belarusian propaganda right behind Russian started screaming about the desire of Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO. What do you say?"
Ostrovsky"It’s none of your business! People must be in a safe environment. Only with the knowledge that it must evolve towards a relaxed skyward. That is his right. And if the Ukrainian people, already, sorry, get shmatsotgadovay imperial anger sees a way out of this situation is quite foreign to us NATO structure, then, sorry, no wine here Ukrainians and Russian Imperials themselves. Ukrainians better see how they make a living. "
Ulitenok"Changes supreme political control of. What to expect from Belarus?"
Ostrovsky"The content and direction of policy not to exchange. Indeed determined not by who is the president, and the result of Russian strategy imperyyakratyi. And most likely it can do even more rigidly Belarusian issues, trying aneksiravats our country already known under the motto of integration."
Ostrovsky "There is not such a common problem. We already have a lot of experience with the West. Well the whole European experience in recent years pushed a little old romantic notions, they are becoming more moderate."
Ulitenok: "What exactly is troubling you in the Western model?"
Ostrovsky "Liberalism. That image is available as rod, strategic trends in the West, the name of democracy, but the content is almost exactly liberalism."
Ulitenok: "What is not satisfied with the standards of the Europeans?"
Ostrovsky "In fact,
the concept of" people "Western political scientists do not enjoy. There abstract concept" society. "And the content of democracy there retracted substantially to such concepts as political pluralism and formally cancel the election procedure. As a result, democracy loses its own nature, it farmalizuetstsa . "
Ulitenok: "And what, in your opinion, should strive Belarusians?"
Ostrovsky "Becoming, in the end, as the masters of their country. Throwing complex Fear suffering that our forefathers had, and vsepolnotsenno live happily in a civilized manner."
Ulitenok: "In what appears inadequacy of today’s Western standards and Belarusian reality?"
Ostrovsky "The engine of the imagination of democracy in the West is a financial oligarchy. A large group of people who want to increment their capital, using impartial phenomenon of globalization. They are interested in rastsiranni borders discredit substantive democracy and transform it into a formal thing here.
Using the terminology of Erich Fromm, they nekrafilizuyuts society — a society loses its biyafilnyya features. Which are replaced only numbers in your account. This is not a normal life.
Because we need to become independent, to become masters of their own land. And in the end it is necessary to begin to breathe freely. Live happily and with meaning. "
On the political situation in Belarus
Ulitenok"Who is currently sets the direction of socio-political processes in the country?"
Ostrovsky"Unfortunately, this primitive beznatsionalnye, one might even say — zhlobskaya bureaucracy. Who lives on the" here and now ", not think about the future, and because its members call" tsyapertsami. "Policy they pursue is very bad because separate from that of the Belarusian society, take the Belarusian people only as an object of self-exposure.
Over 14 years of bureaucratic domination tsyaperskay power we are used to blackmail the state’s ability to defeat statehood. We have already observed almost genocide, if you calculate that in the year people dying on 50 thousand. We ethnocide — destroyed by language, culture, historical memory, signs, observed discrimination Belarusians — wherever possible, especially at work. Destroyed Belarusian democracy as a political system that was supposed to ensure democracy. "
Ulitenok"Well, what you have seen opposition to such a regime?"
Ostrovsky"United Opposition actually collected mechanically. Ideologically, it is completely mixed bunch. Besides rich people morbidly principled, many of which are the dominant currency enthusiasm and because there are only.
Naturally, it is impregnated agents regime. "
Ulitenok"And if she has another plan for reform, has a plan for transformation of the country?"
Ostrovsky"Integrity of the united applets not. Opposition remains object — hopes that someone will manage it in the appropriate directions.
The opposition is not our government. It is easy to find on its response to a very iconic, painful issues. For example, refrained the European Humanitarian University in Vilnius opened with Russian language of instruction — what is it all the same! Or, say, no one mentions such a terrible situation as ethnocide Belarusians Bialystok … No such processes do not motivate opposition specific processes pass it. "
Ulitenok"And what of it?"
Ostrovsky "If the opposition is in such a condition, it will never be a candidate regime and will never be able to seize power in" tsyapertsav. "

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