Ales Ostrovsky Russian imperyyakratyya seeks the annexation of Belarus

Alexander Ulitenok"The Emperor Alexander, what, in your opinion, there segodnyaschy Our homeland against Belarus?"
Ales Ostrovsky"Russia controls (despite the structural configuration — or to the royal era, or the Communists, or now, with an increase in the actual dictatorship) is always one and the same structure. This group of people, which I call the Russian imperial bureaucracy or — Russian imperyyakratyyay. Here main subject in Russia with only parasitic purposes. As against its own society, and with the brutal parazytnymi goals against neighbors. Including Belarus. Nothing changes! "
Ulitenok"Well, in Russia itself, there are influential people who are thinking about this way?"
Ostrovsky"The past adviser to President Yeltsin sovereign Satarov calls this pile" copulate the authorities ". Past President Putin adviser Illarionov sovereign referred to her" company "- a certain aggregate of certain people with a certain brutal sotsyyaparazytnym destructive imperial thinking. It includes at least half a million people. We need a sober look at the world and know about the risks themselves. "
Ulitenok"Official Belarusian propaganda right behind Russian started screaming about the desire of Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO. What do you say?"
Ostrovsky"It’s none of your business! People must be in a safe environment. Only with the knowledge that it must evolve towards a relaxed skyward. That is his right. And if the Ukrainian people, already, sorry, get shmatsotgadovay imperial anger sees a way out of this situation is quite foreign to us NATO structure, then, sorry, no wine here Ukrainians and Russian Imperials themselves. Ukrainians better see how they make a living. "
Ulitenok"Changes supreme political control of. What to expect from Belarus?"
Ostrovsky"The content and direction of policy not to exchange. Indeed determined not by who is the president, and the result of Russian strategy imperyyakratyi. And most likely it can do even more rigidly Belarusian issues, trying aneksiravats our country already known under the motto of integration. "

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