Ales Ostrovsky Western liberalism we can not rescue

Ales Ostrovsky "There is not such a common problem. We already have a lot of experience with the West. Well the whole European experience in recent years pushed a little old romantic notions, they are becoming more moderate."
Alexander Ulitenok: "What exactly is troubling you in the Western model?"
Ostrovsky "Liberalism. That image is available as rod, strategic trends in the West, the name of democracy, but the content is almost exactly liberalism."
Ulitenok: "What is not satisfied with the standards of the Europeans?"
Ostrovsky "In fact, the concept of" people "Western political scientists do not enjoy. There abstract concept" society. "And the content of democracy there retracted substantially to such concepts as political pluralism and formally cancel the election procedure. As a result, democracy loses its own nature, it farmalizuetstsa . "
Ulitenok: "And what, in your opinion, should strive Belarusians?"
Ostrovsky "Becoming, in the end, as the masters of their country. Throwing complex Fear suffering that our forefathers had, and vsepolnotsenno live happily in a civilized manner."
Ulitenok: "In what appears inadequacy of today’s Western standards and Belarusian reality?"
Ostrovsky "The engine of the imagination of democracy in the West is a financial oligarchy. A large group of people who want to increment their capital, using impartial phenomenon of globalization. They are interested in rastsiranni borders discredit substantive democracy and transform it into a formal thing here.
Using the terminology of Erich Fromm, they nekrafilizuyuts society — a society loses its biyafilnyya features. Which are replaced only numbers in your account. This is not a normal life.
Because we need to become independent, to become masters of their own land. And in the end it is necessary to begin to breathe freely. Live happily and with meaning. "

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