Alexei Shidlovskii returned to Ukraine

First, Alex Szydlowski left Belarus to Ukraine, where month reversed moved to the Czech Republic and asked for political shelter there. Alexei Shidlovskii motivated his decision danger of prosecution: in 2007, the year was filed against him criminal case on charges of causing damage citizen. Alexei Shidlovskii not rule out that this incident was used for his prosecution for political reasons.
But the Ministry of Interior Czech Republic refused to deal with the case of providing political cover Shidlovskii. Shidlovskii explained that in accordance with the Dublin Regulation deal with the case for political cover should the country which issued the visa longer.
Alexei Shidlovskii — recognizable activist youth movement in Belarus. In the late 1990s he was sentenced to two years imprisonment for political graffiti, the 1st of the first Belarusian human rights activists recognized him political prisoners. After the release from prison Alex Szydlowski than once detained by the authorities for his role in protests. In recent years Alexei Shidlovskii intensively cooperated with non-governmental media.

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