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Translation from the British did Christina Kurchenkova and Dmitry Mogilev. This is the second book in the famous British translation Belarusian duo. The first was "The Hobbit", and on the way, "The Two Towers" and "Return of the King." Valentine Aksak with details.
The desire to share with your friends beloved book explains Christina Kurchenkova his work translator works on John Tolkien. This is her desire coincided with the thought Dmitry Magilevtsava.
"He proposed a preliminary version. He very good has English, but not very healthy Belarusian, and found a man who could pair with him to make this text. "

From that meeting took four years of creative collaboration. During this time of printing out "The Hobbit." Published four years back, he has become a rarity. What is even more inspired Christina and Dimitri, and they are completely carried away the trilogy "Lord of the Ring." Communicated to the brain and issued his first book "Alliance rings", ready for typesetting second — "The Two Towers", and already exists in the preliminary translation of the third — "The Return of the King."
Trylegiya Tolkien created in the thirties and the fifties of the last century. Christina Kurchenkova read and was fascinated by "Lord of the Rings" eight years ago. For this time reader during adolescence globally acquired a new idol — Harry Potter. But the interpreter is not afraid of that brand new fashion way to prevent Belarusian heroes Tolkien readers.
"I have a suspicion that the fashion for Harry Potter appeared as so may leave, although there is also created quite fascinating world present itself. But many works of fantasy and fiction appear zaduvayutstsa and why this book is a fascinating and topical. Maybe because it was engaged in a specialist who loved to play with the word, and knew a lot. No, I’m sure just this book, it will not move. "
And the fact that "Lord of the Ring" only through half a century after the appearance of the original printed in Belarusian, the interpreter does not bother.
"He all the same needed Belarusian literature and though a little late, but catch up with him all the same need. "
In the first book, "The Alliance’s ring" is about that found Signet power, which threatens the existence of life on Earth. Signet to kill and defeat the forces of evil humans, elves, wizards and gobity voedinyzhdy joined the Alliance rings. They expect languid tests …
The book was published in tarashkevitsa, hardcover with black and white images.

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