Alliance with Russia against V.Parfenovich Lebedko

Now in Belarus and Russia officially prazdnichek — day Unity of Belarus and Russia. 12 years ago, Boris Yeltsin and Alexander Lukashenko signed an agreement in Moscow society of Belarus and Russia. And in December 1999, an agreement was signed so called Federal Government. But in the near future, especially after our homeland declared transition in relations with Belarus on market conditions, integration movements on both sides have become less clear.
How things should be built in Belarus and the Russian Federation? About it in the morning broadcast of "Freedom" We are talking to a supporter of the Belarusian-Russian integration of ex-member of the House of Representatives, a three-time Olympic champion and an opponent of Vladimir Parfyanovich Union of Belarus and the Russian Federation Anatoly Lebedko favorite UCP.

Hanna Sous"First, I wish to refer to the ex-deputy of the House of Representatives Parfenovich, 1st of the creators of" manifest Minsk Belarus-Russia union. "Minsk city executive committee forbade conduct procession to mark the days of union of Belarus and Russia, is only permitted rally and concert at Bangalore Square. As I recall, last year on April 2 at Bangalore on this official prazdnichka came with a dozen people. How do you predict or this year the number of adherents of the Belarusian-Russian integration will be more? "

Parfenovich: "The question is not how many people came, but the question is, how many people in fact support this idea.
And people will be more. "
Sous"And how much support?"
Parfenovich: "I do not know, it was more concerned with Valery Frolov, deputy of the House of Representatives 2nd convocation.
I think that will be much more. "

Sous"I have a question to a favorite UCP Anatol Lyabedzka. BPF deputy head Viktor Ivashkevich not so long ago said that the talks in Minsk city executive committee recently denkov Will offer zdelku." They did not break up our meeting on March 25, and we overclock their meeting on April 2. "
Parfenovich: "It is absolutely bad."
Sous: "What a general attitude of the United Democratic Forces for initiatives to the authorities of other opposition politicians who act like here for example Parfenovich and Leonid Sinitsyn for joining Belarus as a sovereign country in the Russian Federation as an associated entity?
Parfenovich"You are not true states not in a warehouse and not joining. Belarus will lose no sovereignty …"

Anatoly Lebedko "I would start with all the same clarification. Prazdnichek And what? I remember from childhood. Despite the fact, what the weather was on the street, who was sitting in a chair the first secretary of the Communist Party, my ancestors and I along with them celebrating Easter and Christmas. On it could not affect anyone or anything. prazdnichek this is the human condition, is its soul. This is not some stretch in the center of Minsk, and it is not an application that is filed in the Minsk city executive committee, and later there trying to lure a few 10’s of people. This has no relation to prazdnichkom.
March 25 — it prazdnichek, as thousands of people themselves, without coercion, without a clue to the streets, but that at the moment trying to make colleagues on the basis of policy beliefs — that is their right. I do not understand what the purpose exclusively, precisely understand and tell about it a bit later. But I think that there is no demand for it in Belarus. This niche Natalia Vyatrenki in Ukraine.
But Ukraine has a clear political perspective. There have elections under the proportional system, there is quite a dial 3 percent of the vote and enter parliament. In Belarus, even the pro-government sociological services they say that for the fact that Belarus has merged with the Russian serve 3.6 percent of people.
If we had such a law that would make it possible to dial 3 percent to get into parliament, then I understand such political business. People are focusing on this segment of society, a little. Get their voices in parliament and are there any lobby their corporate or personal interests. Clear, but not in our situation. I think the worse photocopy of the original. Repeat the path of Alexander Lukashenko is simply unrealistic. "

The most important thing — the sun rises in the east and not the west

Parfenovich: "I wanted to ask Anatolia. When we were in Brussels 3-4 years back, said that Solana, when asked about the prospects of his entry into the European Union. Solana spoke then, that nobody expects Belarus to Europe 15 years. And consider this question is not will. Vo-2, our people have always been together, and it’s not just some sort of economy, this is due to the human soul, with our roots, who stayed with us. And go where not expect , to go where we’ve never been. most important thing — the sun rises in the east and not the west. "
Sous: I suggest guests morning air to comment on the survey, which Oleg Gruzdzilovich held on the streets of Minsk. You want to union between Belarus and Russia? If yes, in what form, if not, what you do not like? "
Man: "There were two options: if Belarus comes into the Russian Federation and the second, when the economic alliance. I prefer the second option — equal economic affairs, friendly. A country-independent."
Entrepreneur: "I’m for a common customs space, perhaps a common currency. But Russian ruble, and some general be created. And yes alliance will the Europeans."
Man: "All throughout merged. Only Europe is opposed to U.S. dictates. We alone can not survive, like we do not want, like any sililis."
Student: "The union of the peoples — not a bad thing. I do not mind, so it came out as quickly as possible. Let it be an alliance independent states following the example of the European Union."
Guy. "I do not care, frankly. As one government that two independent. Unless it concerns me?"
Woman: "I do not know. Ancestors They say that the Russian Union lived better. Maybe it would be better that merged. And more than this will not be Russian Alliance?"
Student: "I am against the merger into one government. Why is this? Belarus independent country and let it remain. Deshevenky energoelementy What will not believe it. Everyone worries about their own people and the Russian never agreed to have their oil we would have cost as much, as in Russia. And what they will plead for us as their own, when we get into Russia? do not believe. This has already happened in the history of Russification. They’ll begin to dominate, their nature itself. "
Lady: "Naturally, I am for the union. No comment."
Young Man: "I would not want to unite with Russia. And the fact that we risk being isolated? Themselves to blame. If our external and internal policy change, it will change the attitude towards us and in the world."
Pensioner: "I am an ordinary lady, without education, do not even know what to say. Friend is necessary, and as one of the country … I do not know. I on April 2nd day of birth. Thank you for your congratulations."

Sous: I’ll have to comment on this poll favorite UCP Anatol Lyabedzka and former member of the House of Representatives Parfenovich.

We need a strategic partnership, now, to the chagrin of bolshennomu we we see, that there is a real threat to economic sovereignty

Lebedko "In 1-x, a
few remarks in reply. During 1-x, Belarus will not have to go. It is geographically located in the center. And we do not need to wander in search of some special way. Do not go where the sun dates, and not where it comes. most burning motto now just Europe in Belarus. We need to return to our roots, to our Europeanness. should not forget that the first Constitution was written here, in this land, these people . Vo-2 as read one Russian politician: "Flies separately, burgers separately."
We are currently discussing the situation the prospects for political unification of Belarus and Russia, rather than integration into Europe. Integration in Europe — this is the goal, and it is necessary to go step by step. And the first step, regardless of the east and west, it is a step towards democracy, to ensure that democratic values have been implemented in Belarus. That was the Tribunal, the parliament, that people had a right to choose. That’s the most important thing, and the most exciting ones. A 3.6 percent figure first appeared this year, it was an opinion poll commissioned by the presidential administration. Are independent sociologists give little more than the highest figure — 5.4 percent. "
Parfenovich"That’s not true. You yourself have heard that people respond. Most of the population is responsible so that we are for the entry, for unity, for that. To our crane was …"
Lebedko "-Independent."

"Self. Anatoly why you never states that nobody can expect in Europe. At the meetings you state that we are in Europe. You correctly orient people. I also for democracy in Belarus, I — for conscientious fair elections. "
Sous: And the last question I have for both guests — specify, please briefly the main pros and cons of the Belarusian-Russian integration, if they have your eyes naturally — pluses or minuses.

But on the one hand do not expect, but on the other we were always together

Parfenovich: "I understand. Anatoly What is not going anywhere — neither in Europe, he wants to stay here in Belarus. I too wish to stay and live in Belarus, that everything was fine. Main principles that we express in unity. On this day all countries changed, the changed situation in all countries. One we can not survive.’s the main thing. We are alone in this world can not survive. And we need to be one or the other. But do not expect the one hand, and on the other we were always together . "

"We need a strategic partnership, now, to the chagrin of bolshennomu we we see, that there is a real threat to economic sovereignty. And a significant part of Russian political elite would be willing to incorporate Belarus into Russia. This threat. And there are human affairs, humanitarian sphere, the economy, need to be developed, but here only on the principles of strategic partnership. In Europe, we expect Europe is open, but there it is impossible to call in an armored car, which sits Alexander Lukashenko. way must enter a civilized and obey all traffic rules. At reddish stand on greenish move. I’m sorry that even Alexander Lukashenko realized that 95 percent of the inhabitants of Belarus wish to live in their own home rather than in a communal apartment, and my colleagues, so for example Parfenovich, it never realized. "

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