And where Belarusian billion?

Salting Lithuania to Belarus Edminas Bagdonas recalls that he did not once read about the desire of Lithuanian businessmen to invest in Belarusian economy. Specifically, it allowed in 2007, the year to overcome the limit of billions of dollars:
"Trade turnover between our countries in Last year amounted to 1 billion 150 millions of dollars. And not since I came to work in Belarus. We worked aggressively, hard and have gained this result. And this is not the limit. Need to talk. No business contacts will be nothing. "
Member of the Lithuanian Parliament, the chairman of the group of having links with Belarus Vaclav Stankevich said to us that he valued the forum "very positive." Parliamentarian clarifies Belarus and Lithuania did not find understanding in political matters:
"Therefore, as EU country, as a NATO country, we feel responsible for the affairs of Belarus. And the European Union looks at us, neighbors Belarus, with the desire that we have tried to do these things better. Through business, economy, culture it can be done. Because when there are businessmen, organized forums such I consider it positively. "
Managing analytical center in Belarus Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk applies to the current forum rather skeptical:
"This forum — standard form of international cooperation. This is not the format of bilateral ministerial meeting. This is the format in diplomatic circles is not a form of dialogue between states. This is what civilian society supported by the governments do to legalize expert assessments and push a certain direction of development. "
Sovereign Romanchuk recalls that Lithuanian businessmen had earlier read as the desire to invest in the Belarusian economy billion dollars:
"They can invest billion. And our economic magic does not allow to put a tenth of that amount. This indicates, that the European direction of Lithuania leads to that business, the economy become more competitive. And this competitive Lithuanian economy would be willing to expand to the West, and work in Belarus and Russia. This strategic direction from which, I think, will not give the Lithuanian business. "Tags: Lithuania, economic, forum, Belarus

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