Andrei Kim was allowed to visit with his girlfriend

On the days are still in Minsk remand visited his girlfriend Luba Titov. That’s what the woman told about Andrew for "Freedom":
"Time proparhalo very rapidly, it seems, is not enough to talk. Looks good. With all eyes already perfectly pachyrvanennyav not, he said, that began prepyadstviya teeth. A partially mood is not bad."
Month reverse Andrei Kim arranged for healing in republican prison clinic with an eye infection. During their stay in the clinic with him met a mother Tatiana Kim. According to mum activist, he lamented the overcrowding in the chamber, no freshest air.
Recall Central Tribunal Minsk sentenced Andrei Kim to 1.5 years imprisonment on charges of assaulting a police officer during a meeting of businessmen on January 10. Andrei Kim disagrees with the verdict and filed a complaint against him.
Term of the complaint in the Minsk City Court has not yet defined. "Andrew has filed comments on the record of the hearing, in which found a number of inaccuracies in the testimony of witnesses," — explained Tatiana Kim.
According to the mother of Andrei Kim, he hopes that the appeal tribunal to change the sentence from imprisonment to limit freedom. "In that case, he was concerned to find a job. It last student of the history department, can work gukaaperataram and just working. Andrei appealed for help to people who commiserate him" — says Tatiana Kim. Tags: political prisoners, Andrew, com

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