Andrew Pasquier. March 25, 2008

BNR anniversary Vytautas Olgerdovich large Belarusian businessman met in a brothel. Very throbbing head yesterday he stubbornly argued with some, he already did not remember very well with anyone.
— Yes, it’s great monuments that give Kalinouski Kupala and that the streets are named after Lutskevich, Lastovsky, Bogushevich, aunts, Tsvikevich, but for which we Dostoevsky Street? — Oral Vytautas Olgerdovich.
— Dostoevsky — a global value — he argued someone — besides it very badwrote about the Belarusians.
— We do not need Dostoevsky — then roared Vytautas Olgerdovich — we do not need this Moskal! ..
… That was yesterday, and now throbbing head and was very bad. Fat, white-haired highest growth Vytautas Olgerdovich lying on the floor and little carpets Myagenkaya recalled that he had a fight with someone yesterday for Dostoevsky and off during the fight, and drag it on the sofa, apparently, no one wanted. Gradually businesswoman remembered now prazdnichek same — the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic of. And Vytautas Olgerdovich decided to join the celebration, wet for yourself larynx. On his cry in the room appeared highest young long-haired woman.
— Birute — asked Vytautas Olgerdovich — brandy!
Birute brought brandy, and then brought and put the telly — during yesterday’s fights carried him from the room, so as not crashed. Drunk, Vytautas Olgerdovich felt relieved that in mind, and, falling from Birute stark naked on the couch, turned on the telly. Walked the morning announcements.
— Now another scandal around vzgarevsya our country, — broadcaster aired a journalist — around the country, which in Europe is called "mini-Switzerland". In one of Minsk bank account CIA find Bin Laden. Our Minister of Economy and money Svidrigajlo Keystutovich bagasse said that can not freeze the account, otherwise our country will lose the status of a "world of the purse ‘, where anyone can put funds without worrying about their fate … The Belarusian taler fell — at the moment in the global markets for 1 U.S. dollar give 16 Belarusian thaler …
— Oh, you — grumbled Vytautas Olgerdovich — again fell thaler. Back in January, one dollar was worth 10 thaler, and at the moment is 16. So we soon before the default and we reach …
Birute every effort to calm money tycoon and Vytautas Olgerdovich amused …
At 9.00 am began the solemn speech of the 29th President of the BNR Yankees Sviridov.
— … Despite all the difficulties — yelled president — despite the fact that Poland has captured our western lands, and our homeland — with eastern towns of Vitebsk, Polotsk, Mogilev and Gomel, Belarus piece of land between Minsk and Slutsk, remaining independent, reached the highest economic level! We believe the second Switzerland, in our country 20 thousand banks, according Rushen adopted by referendum in 1999 disbanded the armed forces, we do not enter into any international organization, we have never applied the death penalty …
Vytautas Olgerdovich knocked policies and make love.
August 2, 2007

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