Approved the concept of the stadium for the 2018 World Cup in Samara. PHOTO

In the Tuesday, May 21, under the chairmanship of Governor Nicholas Merkoushkin held a meeting on the design of the stadium for the World Cup FIFA 2018 in Samara.

During the meeting, members of the regional government, representatives of the architectural and planning companies (both Russian and foreign), together with the head of the region finally confirmed the appearance of the football arena, as well as the overall concept of its content.  

Recall, at the last meeting the governor presented two concepts facades football arena — space and the "dome". The first option — traditional for the majority of the world's stadiums. A characteristic feature of this project — a translucent facade on the west with the ability to output to the video of what's going on inside the stadium bowl. It is relatively simple to perform, but moved away from him just because he is like most of the stadiums in the world.

The second option assumes that the stadium bowl covers symmetrical translucent dome in the form of a precious stone, the height of the dome is 80 m That it previously stopped the regional government in the previous meeting. Now, however, showed the obstacles to the realization of this project. In particular, the installation work at the height of 80 m and a unique require expensive equipment. Furthermore, due to the large area of the dome on its construction will be necessary to use more metal 21.5 tons, of which about 3 tons will create on temporary supports.

At this time, the architect of the German company GMP Architekten (subcontractor to design the stadium) Martin Krebes proposed an alternative project of "dome". According to present embodiment, the dome will be 15 — 20 m below due to immersion of the object in the ground, and inside there will be additional load-bearing structures in V-shape. Despite the fact that this variation of the project easier in terms of implementation, the designers have noted a number of serious shortcomings.

Deputy chief engineer of LLC "Design Institute of unique structures" Arena "Eugene LOMOV explained that for the construction of the dome 80 or 60 meters in height would have to mount the temporary supports, which will be based on the spectator stands." In our project, the stands will not survive such a weight, so you have do they conduct these hatches and support to the foundation. Or the need to strengthen itself spectator area. In any case, during the installation of the dome of conduct will not be in the stands. This will significantly increase the time of construction, "- he explained.

Another option, which is chosen as the final result, conventionally called the "space object" or spheroid. "It's a combination of the two original options. Below arena will be located, which will be fixed to the dome. Course, this will reduce the height of the building about 55 m, as reduced radius of the dome. But the internal structure of this option will not be different from the previous one," — said Martin Krebes.

"Such a project will require less funding, and most importantly, it is clear on the timing, technology vendors. We have all the necessary equipment. Moreover, it will allow us to go beyond the budget. Important factor is that the architectural board of FSUE" Sport- Engineering "(curator of the project. — Comm. Volga News) as the preferred choose this option," — said the Minister of Construction of the Samara region Alexei Grishin.

Nicholas Merkushin stressed that time — this is one of the most important aspects for decision. However, the head of the region and liked the look of the object — it turns out, the football arena looks like a raised above the ground space object or a precious stone. "The supports that are located outside the stadium bowl and do not impose any serious structural loads can be made of a lighter and cheaper metal. A very form of the stadium is organically fits into the idea of the Samara Space" — said the governor Nikolai Merkushin.

"In general, the dome is not a sense of perspective, a person who looks at it closely, it is not clear what this canopy size. Large" slicing "of the supporting structures can understand a little scale structures. But the" spheroid "with leaf decoration, though raised above the ground, which was chosen as a result, psychologically perceived by the person much better of a hemisphere that is installed on the ground, "- said Deputy Minister of Construction Anatoly Barannikova.

"This project will allow us to win the whole year. And although the height of the dome is reduced — the stadium stands on the highest point of the city, in addition, it does not affect the capacity or the comfort of a championship," — concluded Nicholas Merkushin. 

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