April 1 15 years ago under Maladziechna found gold

First mention of the old days in honor of the god of laughter relate to the old Rome. In 1564 in France, the lord Charles THEIR issued an order according to which the New Year celebration was postponed from April 1 to January 1. Some people continued to celebrate the New Year on April 1. Above them joked, holding empty gifts.
According to another version, prazdnichek laughter originated in ancient India. There March 31 marked prazdnichek jokes.
A day of laughter famous people of Belarus remember what jokes they celebrated on April 1 in different years.
April 1, 1993 on the waves "Belarusian youth" Lena Radkevych start the countdown before the principal government message. At the same moment preparing radio control orders to retreat from esters head editor Jeanne Litvin and leading Lena Radkevych. The case recalls leading applets "Seventh Friday" Anatoly Evening:
"It was Lena Radkevych ether, after which it was removed from the ether along with Jeanne Litvin. Situation what? The program was divided into three parts. First two were on the second channel, and the first — the first for some reason. And on the second channel announced: "After minutes once a government report is expected in principle …" And in the third part — what do you expect from us, now April 1st? But, as I recall, it coincided with the fact that all the really expected a statement from Kebich. This first.
And second, states that even braked certain pipeline, namely velyazavodu, because people expect "basic message". But there was a "set" jokes: Lena, at least, was the "message" Scythian burial mounds near Molodechno. " She called to say: stand with shovels at the station, tell me where to go dig Scythian burial mounds. It was a story. "
Ya.Kryzhanovski: "To become president, would have declared war"
The founder of the theater humor "Christopher", satirist Eugene Kryzhanovsky states that the greatest joke in his life was dedicated specifically to the days of laughter, but could have, as the artist, "the greatest consequences" for the country. In 2001 the emperor Kryzhanovsky announced its intention to become president:
"I at first it was a game, later became serious, and in the end — game again. Since I realized when I ran into the back side of politics that everyone must do their work.
If I became a politician, if, God forbid, came to the presidency, I would have done so many things that later generations of Belarusians to disentangle this mess and would curse Kryzhanowski to sixth generation. Because I’m glad nothing happened, as I am very sensual man, impetuous. I would declare war on five or six countries at once. "
Correspondent"War to surrender?"
"You can surrender, but you can fight to the last man. Other words, should be involved in politics people are smart. RUNTIME I would like Zhirinovsky affairs, and would later discover elbows biting."
In fact, everyone knows that athletes believe in different superstitions. But as the repeated rekardsmenka World and European athletics Maria Itkin, athletes also typical joke on April 1:
"Many athletes have a sense of humor, because note today attention, and from time to time to let go of such a joke that a person can even get lost. But in general itself for yourself this day is not bad. Smiles, laughter, shrug each other hand, respect for your friends — that’s right, I think this day is best to conduct. I am generally a person who loves humor. And to humor treat with great respect. Even if there were some jokes on the brink of a foul, I still try not to sulk. "
Yu.Dankov: "Unnecessary emotions — a sign of weakness"

But very sensual life entrepreneur Yuri Danko eponymous owner of the casino chain "Dankoff", jokes neatly:
"I, frankly, a very discreet in this sense. Can express something sensual, but in general — no, in this case I’m cautious. Ale April Fools joke — this is a common phenomenon, there is no question asked. Only who and how takes them. Indeed, in the same time you should understand: for every joke has its limits and has its place. Indeed, you can make a joke that unnecessary questions arise later.
Realize emotions — this is our weakness, it is a scientifically based fact. Because if one goes to the emotions in the address of a specific person, it indicates: something he failed to achieve, achieve, or with something he did not agree. "Tags: day, April, laughter 1

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